Parking Generally
351.01   Definitions.
351.02   Police may remove unattended vehicle which obstructs traffic.
351.03   Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking.
351.04   Prohibited standing or parking places.
351.05   Manner of parallel parking.
351.051   Required markings for handicapped parking locations. (Repealed)
351.06   Manner of angle parking.
351.07   Selling or repairing vehicle upon roadway.
351.08   Unattended vehicle: duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels.
351.09   Opening vehicle door on traffic side.
351.10   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions.
351.11   Prohibition against parking on streets or highways.
351.12   Night parking of commercial vehicles in residential districts.
351.13   Off-street parking.
351.14   Overnight parking in residential areas, business districts and/or congested areas.
351.15   Reservation of powers; annual rental fee.
351.16   Parking within the congested area.
351.17   Spaces to be marked; loading and unloading zones.
351.18   City Hall parking.
351.19   Violations.
351.20   Exercise of police power.
351.21   Handicapped parking areas. (Repealed)
351.22   Parking on posted private property.
351.99   Penalty.
         See sectional histories for similar State law
         Police may remove ignition key from unattended vehicle - see TRAF. 303.03
         Willfully leaving vehicles on private or public property - see TRAF. 303.09, 303.10
         Parking near stopped fire apparatus - see TRAF. 331.27
         Lights on parked or stopped vehicles - see TRAF. 337.09