TITLE ONE -    Municipal Planning
         Chap. 1101.    City Planning Commission.
         Chap. 1102.   Construction Approval Procedure. (Repealed)
      TITLE THREE -    Subdivision Regulations
         Chap. 1103.   Definitions.
         Chap. 1105.   General Provisions; Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1107.   Procedure for Subdivision Approval.
         Chap. 1109.   Subdivision Requirements.
         Chap. 1111.   Plats and Data.
         Chap. 1113.   Standards, Requirements and Approval for Construction of Improvements.
         Chap. 1114.   Development Plan Review.
         Chap. 1115.   Construction Specifications.
         Appendix A.   Typical Sections - City Standards.
         Appendix B.    Required Statements and Signatures to be Affixed to Subdivision Plat
      TITLE FIVE -    Zoning Code
         Chap. 1121.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1123.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1125.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 1127.   Districts and Boundaries Generally.
         Chap. 1128.   Planned Development District Zoning.
         Chap. 1129.   R-1 Single-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1130.    Home Occupations.
         Chap. 1131.   R-2 Two-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1133.   R-3 Multiple-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1135.   C-1 Commercial or Local Business District.
         Chap. 1137.   C-2 Commercial or General Business District.
         Chap. 1139.   C-3 Motor Service District.
         Chap. 1141.   I-1 Industrial District.
         Chap. 1143.   M-1 Manufacturing District. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1145.   Additional Use, Height and Area Regulations and Exceptions.
         Chap. 1147.   Nonconforming Uses.
         Chap. 1149.   Signs.
         Chap. 1151. Fences.
         Chap. 1153. Mobile Vending.