EDITOR'S NOTE: The provisions of this chapter were derived from resolutions enacted by the Village Board of Trustees of Public Affairs under the authority of Ohio R.C. 735.29 which provides that the Board shall manage, conduct and control the electric light plant. Upon achieving City status, the management of the electric light plant was transferred to the Director of Public Service under authority of Ohio R.C. 735.02. The authority to fix electric light and power rates to be charged consumers of the City owned electric light plant is vested in Council under the provisions of Ohio R.C. 715.03 and 715.06.
919.01    Connection charge for customers outside City limits.
919.015   Rules and regulations.
919.02   Rates.
919.03   Street lighting.
919.04   To be furnished City without charge.
919.05   Minimum and maximum cash surplus; rate adjustment.
919.06    Exterior wiring.
919.07    Current shut -off during fire.
919.08    Main electrical disconnect required with access.
      Power to establish electric light and power rates - see Ohio R.C. 715.03, 715.06
      Power to furnish light - see Ohio R.C. 715.06, 717.01
      Power to erect electric works - see Ohio R.C. 743.34