2.48.010   Persons to whom civil service applies
   2.48.020   Rule I: Purpose and intent, title
   2.48.030   Rule II: Definitions
   2.48.040   Rule III: General provisions
   2.48.050   Rule IV: Powers and duties of the Civil Service Commission
   2.48.060   Rule V: Duties of the personnel officer
   2.48.070   Rule VI: Position classification plan
   2.48.080   Rule VII: Applications
   2.48.090   Rule VIII: Examinations
   2.48.100   Rule IX: Employment lists
   2.48.110   Rule X: Methods of filling vacancies
   2.48.120   Rule XI: Probationary period
   2.48.130   Rule XII: Attendance and leaves
   2.48.140   Rule XIII: Training
   2.48.150   Rule XIV: Safety
   2.48.160   Rule XV: Complaint and grievance procedure
   2.48.170   Rule XVI: Disciplinary action and administrative review
   2.48.180   Rule XVII: Appeal to the Civil Service Commission
   2.48.181   Rule XVIIA: Punitive action, administrative review of punitive action, appeal of punitive action to the Civil Service Commission and administrative law judge, for firefighters
   2.48.190   Rule XVIII: Separation from city service
   2.48.200   Rule XIX: Reports and records
   2.48.210   Rule XX: Administrative rules
   For provisions concerning civil service in general, see Charter §§ 192b to 192g
Statutory reference:
   For provisions concerning civil service for city employees, see Cal. Gov't Code §§ 45000 to 45210