Editor's note. The Charter consists of Statutes 1915, p. 1740, as amended, November 7, 1972. It was adopted pursuant to section 8 of article XI, of the state constitution, ratified by a majority of the qualified electors at a special city election held on October 14, 1914, approved and ratified by state legislation on January 28, 1915, and filed with the secretary of state on January 30, 1915.
   All amendments to the Charter, up to and including those of November 7, 1978, are indicated by historical citations following the amended sections or by editor's notes. Unless so indicated, each section derives unchanged as originally adopted.
   The catchlines to the sections have been supplied by the editors and are unofficial. They are for information only and should not be construed to restrict, limit or affect the contents of the sections of the Charter. The numbering is unchanged.
Article I. Name and Rights of City
   § 1.   Continuation of existing municipal corporation; name; to have perpetual succession
   § 2.   Rights and property to remain vested with city; liabilities unimpaired
Article II. Boundaries and Districts of City.
   § 3.   Boundaries to continue as established
   § 4.   City divided into five districts; districts designated
   § 5.   Changes of boundary line of districts
   § 6.   Assignment of annexed territory to districts
Article III. General Provisions Relating to Officers
   § 7.   Repealed
   § 7A.   By-district City Council elections
   § 8.   Appointment and assignment of chief appointive officers to departments
   § 9.   Appointment and assignment of minor appointive officers
   § 10.   “Commission” references replaced with “Council”
   § 11.   Terms of office of councilpersons
   § 11.5.   Limitations on terms of councilpersons
   § 12.   When elective offices become vacant; vacancy resulting from councilpersons moving from district
   § 13.   Repealed
   § 14.   Bonds of officers and employees-Required; payment of premiums
   § 15.   Same-Conditions; approval; endorsement; filing; compliance with applicable law
   § 16.   Same-Change of penal sum of bonds
   § 17.   Oaths of office
   § 18.   Salaries-Generally
   § 19.   Repealed
   § 20.   Use of political influence by city officers or nominees
   § 21.   Working and soliciting in city elections
   § 22.   Administration of oaths; subpoenas
Article IV. Mayor
   § 23.   Powers and duties generally
   § 24.   Absence or disability; mayor pro tempore
   § 25.   Reports on city affairs; recommendations to council
   § 26.   To keep informed on public utility companies' compliance with law; observation of franchises, permits and privileges; institution of actions
Article V. Executive and Administrative Departments
   § 28.   Five departments designated; supervision of departments
   § 29.   Designation of councilpersons to serve as mayor, vice mayor and as supervisor of city departments
   § 30.   Powers and duties of each department; supervision by city manager; creation, transfer, consolidation, etc., of offices and officers
   § 31.   Mayor to serve as head of department during vacancy of assigned councilperson
   § 32.   Annual accounting of books, records and reports; report of accountant
   § 33.   Annual report-Required of each department and board
   § 35.   Councilperson holding other city offices
   § 36.   Repealed
Article VI. The Council
   § 37.   Powers vested in council
   § 39.   Time and place of meetings; manner of calling special meetings
   § 40.   Legislative sessions to be open to public
   § 42.   To judge qualifications of its members and election returns; rules of procedure; compelling attendance at meetings
   § 43.   Legislative matters to be by ordinance or resolution; other action of council
   § 44.   When ayes and noes to be taken; members present to vote
   § 45.   Three affirmative votes needed to pass ordinances or resolutions
   § 46.   Brief title to precede ordinances
   § 47.   Enacting clauses of ordinances
   § 48.   When ordinances may be passed: resolutions or order for payment of money; franchise ordinances and resolutions
   § 49.   When action by ordinance required
   § 50.   Motions to consider ordinances failing to pass
   § 51.   Signing, attesting, publishing and posting ordinances
   § 52.   Revision, re-enactment and amendment of ordinances
   § 53.   Repeal of ordinances
   § 54.   Record copy of ordinances
   § 55.   Repealed
   § 56.   Debts not to be accrued or warrants not to be drawn in excess of available money
   § 57.   Classification and indexing of ordinances; publication of Charter ordinances in book form
   § 58.   Annual report of financial transactions and condition of city; publication of report
   § 58a.   Repealed
Article VII. Powers of City and the Council
   § 59.   General powers of city enumerated
   § 59a.   Power to incur indebtedness for off-street parking facilities
   § 59b.   Powers to incur indebtedness restricted
   § 60.   Electors may enact legislation to carry out powers of city and council
   § 61.   Council to exercise general powers of city; additional powers of council
Article VIII. City Clerk
   § 62.   Renumbered as Section 68
   § 63.   Powers and duties
Article IX. City Attorney
   § 64.   Powers and duties generally
Article X. Director of Finance and Ex Officio City Treasurer, Assessor and Tax and License Collector
   § 65.   Powers and duties of director of finance-Ex officio city treasurer
   § 66.   Same-Ex officio city assessor
   § 67.   Same-Ex officio city tax and license collector
   § 68.   Same-Acting general accountant and fiscal agent
Article XI. Police Court
   §§ 69 through 72.   Repealed
Article XII. City Manager
   § 73.   Office created; to be administrative head of government; supervision and control of departments
   § 74.   Appointment; term of office: compensation; vacancy in office: absence or temporary disability
   § 75.   Powers and duties generally; bond
Article XIII. Police, Fire and Health Divisions
   § 76.   Composition of police division
   § 77.   Powers and duties of chief of police
   § 78.   Powers of council relative to police division
   § 79.   Composition of fire division
   § 80.   Powers and duties of chief of fire division
   § 81.   Powers of council relative to fire division
   § 82.   Members of fire division employees of the city
Article XIV. Board of Education
   § 83.   Repealed
   § 84.   Repealed
   § 85.   Repealed
   § 86.   Repealed
   § 87.   Repealed
   § 89.   Repealed
   § 90.   Repealed
   § 91.   Repealed
   § 92.   Repealed
   § 93.   Repealed
   § 94.   Repealed
   § 95.   Repealed
   § 96.   Repealed
   § 97.   Repealed
   § 98.   Repealed
Article XV. Public Library
   § 99.   Repealed
   § 100.   Repealed
Article XVI. Alcoholic Liquors
   § 101.   Repealed
Article XVII. Elections
   § 101A.   Alhambra campaign finance reform- Purpose and intent
   § 101B.   Definitions
   § 101C.   Campaign contribution limitations
   § 101D.   Loans
   § 101E.   One campaign committee and one checking account per candidate
   § 101F.   Transfers
   § 101G.   Aggregation of payments
   § 101H.   Assumed name contributions
   § 101I.   Omitted
   § 101J.   Unexpected contribution
   § 101K.   Increased transparency
   § 101L.   Return of excessive contributions
   § 101M.   City Clerk responsibilities
   § 101N.   Criminal misdemeanor actions
   § 101O.   Omitted
   § 101P.   Civil actions
   § 101Q.   Injunctive relief
   § 102.   Omitted
   § 103.   Three kinds of city elections designated
   § 104.   When general elections are held; when elected officers shall take office
   § 105.   When special elections shall be held: method of conducting and declaring results of special elections
   § 106.   Application of general state law governing fifth and sixth class city elections
   § 107.   Nominations to accord with state law; signatures required on nominating certificates; when nominating certificates to be filed
   § 107a.    Candidate to sign declaration of intention
   § 108.   Petition requesting primary election; when primary election shall be called
   § 109.   When primary elections shall be held; officers, polling hours and names appearing on ballots of primary elections
   § 110.   Primary ballots generally-Publication or posting of names and offices appearing thereon
   § 111.   Same-Printing; caption; arrangement of names; party, support of candidate, etc., not to be indicated
   § 112.   Same-To contain blank spaces for writing in names; written in names not to be crossed
   § 113.   Designation of candidates to fill vacancies or serve unexpired terms
   § 114.   Two candidates receiving highest number of votes at primary to be placed on general election ballot; exception
   § 115.   Form of general election ballot
   § 116.   Council to provide for conduct, etc., of elections; election precincts
   § 116a.    Ballot arguments concerning city measures
   § 117.   Compensation of election officers
   § 118.   Election returns generally
   § 119.   When returns shall be canvassed; declaration of result
   § 120.   Repealed
Article XVIII. Finance
   § 121.   Fiscal year
   § 122.   Council to provide for assessment, levy and collection of taxes by ordinance
   § 123.   Power of city to have county assess and collect taxes
   § 124.   City manager, department heads. etc., to estimate amounts needed during fiscal year
   § 125.   Preparation of budget
   § 126.   Repealed
   § 127.   Repealed
   § 128.   Repealed
   § 129.   Repealed
   § 129a.    Repealed
   § 129b.    Repealed
   § 130.   Taxes to constitute liens on property; attachment and foreclosure of liens; sales of property and redemption
   § 131.   Money drawn from treasury to be upon warrants
   § 132.   Presentation and audit of demands against city; drawing checks for demands
   § 132a.    General reserve fund
   § 133.   Uniform forms of accounts; state uniform universal reports
   § 134.   Disposition of moneys collected or received by city officers
   § 134a.    Council may change time limits for collection, reports of, etc., taxes exception
Article XIX. Contracts
   § 135.   Expenditures requiring bids
   § 136.   Repealed
   § 137.   Contracts for lighting, heating and power not to exceed one year's duration; exception as to contracts with other municipal corporations
   § 138.   Contracts for official advertising; official newspaper
   § 139.   City officers assisting, etc., bidders
   § 140.   Bidder acting in collusion to prevent other bids
   § 141.   City officers and employees not to have interest in city contracts, sales, leases, etc.
   § 142.   Public utilities giving commodities or service to city officers and employees
   § 143.   Contracts in contravention of Charter to be void
   § 144.   Violations of article deemed misdemeanor
   § 145.   Council to enforce article by legislation
   § 146.   Repealed
Article XX. Streets and Sewers
   § 147.   General state law to govern
Article XXI. Franchises
   § 148.   Control over streets and public places vested in city; right to grant franchise for adequate compensation
   § 149.   Exercise of franchise or privilege limited to authority of law or grant by city
   § 150.   Council to designate terms, conditions and duration: no exclusive franchise to be granted
   § 151.   Rights of city in streets and other public places declared inalienable
   § 152.   Right to grant franchises for use of streets for railroads, wires, pipes, mains, etc.
   § 153.   Grant subject to right of city to provide for safety, etc., of public
   § 154.   Repealed
   § 155.   Right of city to take over property at expiration of franchise; grantee to file monthly statement of new construction
   § 156.   When property operated under franchise becomes property of city without execution of instrument or conveyance
   § 157.   Applications; deposits; award; city expenses; payments of percentage of gross receipts to city and forfeit for failure to pay
   § 158.   Time limitations on construction work under franchise
   § 159.   Lease, assignment or alienation of franchises; including in mortgages or trust deeds
   § 160.   Authority of council to examine records, books, etc., of person executing franchise; annual business report of person executing franchise
   § 161.   Provision in franchise for determination and forfeiture
   § 162.   City officers and employees not to receive gratuities from person operating under franchise
   § 163.   Restriction upon grant of franchise for railroad purposes
Article XXII. Recall
   § 164.   Procedure for removal of incumbent from elective office contained in article
   § 165.   Number of signatures required for petition; to whom petition is addressed and presented; petition to request at what election question shall be submitted
   § 166.   Forms of individual certificate of petition for recall
   § 167.   Certificates to be separate and sworn to; general procedure for handling certificates after presentation; amended certificates
   § 168.   Affidavit of person proposing recall; delivery of affidavit to person sought to be recalled and his or her answer
   § 169.   Effect of failure of officer sought to be recalled to resign; when election for recall to be held
   § 170.   Question of recall to remain in force if not submitted at time specified
   § 171.   Statements to be printed on official ballots
   § 172.   Voting procedure; nomination and election of officers replacing recalled officer
   § 173.   Person sought to be recalled to continue in office until election results are declared
   § 174.   Recall petition not to be filed against elective officer until six months after holding office; deposit of cash required
   § 175.   Additional regulations to carry out provisions of article
Article XXIII. Initiative
   § 176.   Right of electors to propose and adopt ordinances; proposing, filing, and signing initiative petition
   § 177.   Proponents' affidavit to be filed prior to circulation of petition; council's statement as to proposed ordinance
   § 178.   Form and contents of petition; reasons for and against to be printed on petition
   § 179.   Number of signatures required on petition; enactment by council or submission to voters at general or special election
   § 180.   Ordinances which must be submitted to voters at general election
   § 181.   Certain provisions of article XI applicable to petitions
   § 182.   When petition shall be filed; effect of ordinances not submitted to voters in specified time
   § 183.   No limitation upon number of ordinances which may be voted on
   § 184.   Limitation upon number of special elections which may be held
   § 185.   Ballots; when approved ordinances become effective
   § 186.   Amending or repealing ordinances adopted by vote of electors
   § 187.   Conformity with certain provisions of article XXII; council to provide further regulations
Article XXIV. Referendum
   § 188.   Right to submit ordinances to vote of electors
   § 189.   When ordinances become effective; right of electors to demand referendum; referendum procedure generally
   § 190.   Conformity with articles XXII and XXIII
   § 191.   Resubmission of ordinances
   § 192.   When ordinances approved by electorate become effective
   § 192a.    Further regulations by council to carry out provisions of article
Article XXIVa. Civil Service
   § 192b.    Civil service department created; civil service commission
   § 192c.    City employees to whom article applies
   § 192d.    Examinations of applicants for employment, etc., in civil service
   § 192e.    Method of making appointments; probationary period of appointees
   § 192f.    Removal or discharge from civil service; review of removal and reinstatement
   § 192g.    Additional rules and regulations
   § 192h.    Removal of striking employees
Article XXV. Miscellaneous
   § 193.   Effective date of Charter
   § 193.1.    Repealed
   § 194.   Certain officers to hold office, termination of terms of office
   § 195.   First general municipal election under Charter
   § 196.   Ordinances, resolutions and regulations to remain effective
   § 197.   Violation of Charter or ordinance deemed misdemeanor; prosecution; imprisonment for violation in city or county jail
   § 198.   Rights of public utilities commission unimpaired
   § 199.   Amendment of Charter
   § 201.   “Streets” defined
   § 202.   Definitions generally
   § 203.   Rights, actions, contracts, etc., unimpaired
Article XVI. State Employees' Retirement Act
   § 204.   Adoption of “State Employees Retirement Act;” retirement generally