(A)   The provisions of article XXIVa, sections 192b to 192g, inclusive, of the charter of the city shall hereafter apply to all appointive employees of the city who are regular and full-time employees except: The City Manager; Police Judge; Chief of Police; Chief of the Fire Department; City Engineer; Street Superintendent; Superintendent of the Water Department; and members of the Board of Library Trustees; all employees of the public library; members of the Planning Commission; members of the Civil Service Commission; members of the Play-ground and Recreational Commission; and head of any other department now existing or hereafter created.
   (B)   All persons and only such persons as have been regularly employed by the city for the six months preceding the date upon which the notice to circulate the initiative petition for the adoption of this section was filed with the City Clerk and to whom article XXIVa of the charter is applied by the preceding section shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be in the civil service in their respective positions without examination.
('86 Code, § 2.48.010) (Ord. 1873, passed 11-8-38)