(A)   Recruitment and selection.  Competition for positions in the classified service shall be open to all applicants who meet the qualifications established for the position for which application is made. There may be open examinations or promotional examina-tions.
   (B)   Promotional examinations.  Promotional examinations may be conducted upon recommenda-tion of the affected department head and approval of the Personnel Officer. Only regular employees who meet the requirements set forth in the promotional examination announcements may compete in pro-motional examinations.
   (C)   Continuous examination process. With respect to selected entry-level position classifications, the Personnel Officer may administer successive identical examinations to qualified applicants upon application, or at such times as the Personnel Officer may deem appropriate. The resulting scores shall be combined on an employment list with a notation as to date of examination. The removal of names shall be in accordance with rules governing employment lists. Applicants who fail an examination conducted under this subsection shall be ineligible to retake the examination for a period of six months after the date when the first examination was taken. Constructive notice shall be provided prior to the administration of the continuous examination process.
   (D)   Types of examinations.  Examinations shall be used and conducted to aid in the selection of qualified employees, and shall consist of recognized selection techniques; including, but not limited to, achievement and aptitude tests, or other written tests, personal interviews, performance tests, physical agility tests, evaluation of daily work performance, work sampler, or any combination of these which will, in the judgment of the Personnel Officer, test fairly the qualifications of candidates. Physical, medical and psychological tests may be given as part of any examination. In any examination, the Personnel Officer may include, in addition to competitive tests, a qualifying test or tests, and set minimum standards therefor.
   (E)   Conduct of examinations.  The Personnel Officer shall be responsible for weighting the examinations and for the manner, methods, and by whom examinations shall be prepared and admini-stered. The City Council may contract with any competent agency or individual for the preparation and administration of examinations.
   (F)   Scoring examinations and qualifying scores. A candidate's score in a given examination shall be the average of his or her score for each competitive part of the examination. Failure in one part of the examination shall be grounds for declaring such applicant as failing the entire examination or as disqualified for subsequent parts of the examination.
   (G)   Physical examinations.  Applicants will be advised of physical requirements and may be offered employment conditioned upon their passing a physical examination designed to test for job-related physical requirements.
   (H)   Notification of examination results.  Each candidate in an examination shall be given written notice of whether he or she passed or failed. Where allowed by law or contract, examinees competing for promotional positions may examine, within five days of the examination date, question and answer sheets and rating notes with which to review and verify the accuracy of the scoring process.
('86 Code, § 2.48.090) (Ord. 3898, passed  - - )