(A)   Length of probationary period. 
      (1)   All original, reinstatement and promo-tional appointments shall be subject to a probationary period of one year. In each case, the appointee shall be informed on the length of the probationary period before he or she begins service. A leave of absence, other than vacation, in excess of two weeks shall cause the probationary period to be extended by the length of such leave.
      (2)   Prior to expiration of an employee's probationary period, the employee's supervisor with the approval of his department head, shall recommend to the appointing authority that one of the following actions be taken:
         (a)   Grant the employee permanent status.
         (b)   Extend the probationary period for a period not to exceed six months.
         (c)   Terminate original appointment employee or return promotional probationary employee to his former class.
      (3)   Notification to the Personnel Officer of the recommended action shall be accomplished by a performance evaluation on the employee completed within the 30-day period immediately preceding the date when the employee's probationary period is due to expire.
   (B)   Objective of the probationary period.  The probationary period is part of the examination process and shall be utilized for closely observing the employee's work and for securing the most effective adjustment of a new employee to his position.
   (C)   Termination of probationer.  During the probationary period, an employee may be terminated or rejected without cause. Any employee rejected during, or at the expiration of, a probationary period following a promotional appointment shall be reinstated to the position from which he or she was promoted, and no probation period shall be served if the employee held permanent status in the position.
('86 Code, § 2.48.120) (Ord. 3898, passed  - - )