(A)   Preparation of the plan.  The Personnel Officer, or a person or agency employed for that purpose, shall ascertain and record the duties and responsibilities of all positions in the classified service, and after consultation with heads of depart-ments affected, shall recommend a classification plan for such positions. The classification plan shall consist of classes of positions defined by class specifications. The classification plan shall be so developed and maintained that all positions sub-stantially similar with respect to duties, responsi-bilities, authority, and character of work are included within the same class, and that the same schedules of compensation may be made to apply with equity under like working conditions to all positions in the same class.
   (B)   Adoption of the plan.  Before the classifi-cation plan, or any part thereof, shall become effective, it shall first be approved by the City Council. Upon adoption, provisions of the plan shall be observed in the handling of all personnel actions. The plan may be amended or revised as necessary in the same manner as originally established.
   (C)   Allocation of positions. The Personnel Officer shall allocate each and every position in the classified service to one of the classes established by the plan.
   (D)   New positions. When a new position is created, before the same may be filled, the appointing authority shall notify the Personnel Officer; and, except as otherwise provided by ordinance or these rules, no person shall be appointed to the position until the classification plan has been amended to provide therefor and an appropriate employment list established.
   (E)   Reclassification.  Positions which have changed materially so as to necessitate reclassification shall be allocated by the Personnel Officer to a more appropriate class in the same manner as originally classified and allocated. Reclassification shall not be used to avoid restrictions surrounding demotions and promotions. Upon the recommendation of the depart-ment head and/or Personnel Officer, the incumbent of a reclassified position may be appointed to that position by the appointing authority with the approval of the City Council.
('86 Code, § 2.48.070) (Ord. 3898, passed  - - )