The Personnel Officer shall:
   (A)   Administer all the provisions of this chapter, the personnel rules and regulations adopted here-under, and other personnel matters not specifically reserved to the City Council or the Civil Service Commission;
   (B)   Provide for the preparation and recommendation of personnel rules and regulations and revisions and amendments thereto as appropriate;
   (C)   Provide for the preparation and recommendation of a position classification plan, including class specifications and revisions thereto;
   (D)   Provide for the preparation and recommendation of a compensation plan and revisions thereof, covering all classifications in the classified service;
   (E)   Provide for the preparation and recommendation of rules and regulations relating to employer-employee relations and equal employment oppor-tunity;
   (F)   Encourage and exercise leadership in the development of effective personnel administration within the various city departments;
   (G)   Establish and maintain records of all city employees in which there shall be set forth as to each employee the class, title, pay or status, and other relevant data;
   (H)   Report periodically to the City Council and/or the Civil Service Commission on the admini-stration of the personnel system and other personnel matters as appropriate; and
   (I)   Develop and implement other policies and administrative regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter or the charter, as may be proper and necessary for implementation and/or enforcement.
('86 Code, § 2.48.060) (Ord. 3898, passed  - - )