§ 154-15.07.01  Park Model Placement Permits.
   (A)   A placement permit shall be required for the installation of any park model within the city. Application shall be made on the appropriate forms provided for this purpose by the Building Safety Division and shall include a site plan showing the location of the park model, other structures or dwellings on the lot, setbacks between all improvements and distances to property lines. If a park model is placed in a recreational vehicle, mobile home or manufactured home park, a map showing adjacent structures with distance separations shall be required.
   (B)   The Building Official, or his or her designee, shall issue placement permits only if the park model complies with all applicable zoning and building code requirements including use, setbacks and noise attenuation.
   (C)   All park models shall be anchored to the ground in conformance with the manufacturer's specifications, per the currently adopted Residential Code. All park models which are set above the ground level shall be skirted.
   (D)   Park models shall not be occupied until placement permits have been issued and a final inspection has been performed and approved.
(Ord. O2012-20, passed 11-7-12)