Appendix A:  Cielo Verde Specific Plan
   (A)   Purpose.  Provide resident and regionally supported commercial sites on the north portion of the property. Provide an attractive living environment for permanent homeowners as well as seasonally retired, second home and vacation home buyers and renters on the south portion of the property. Provide protected development rights through the adoption of a specific plan, which works in conjunction with a development agreement and the platting process.
   (B)   Project description.
      (1)   Cielo Verde is a 382-acre mixed-use master planned development, providing a variety of commercial uses and housing types in a pedestrian-oriented, neighborhood-focused community planned primarily for adult living.
      (2)   The project takes advantage of the existing topography of the site by providing a linear park, which follows existing drainage contours of the site. The land plan minimizes major earth moving for stormwater control and provides a significant community amenity which doubles as a recreation area for its residents and guests.
      (3)   Designated areas are planned to contain open space, ramadas, security lighting, landscaping and linear walking paths throughout the project. Other active recreation activities and structures (putting greens, tennis courts, a recreation center, for example) may be added. Alternate uses are contemplated in most areas to provide flexibility in order to respond to evolving market demands in the future.
      (4)   There are two distinct commercial areas: resident-supported commercial sites line the central entry road leading into the residential portion of the project, and more community/regional commercial areas along 32nd Street provide for accommodation of larger retail and service establishments.
      (5)   A maximum of 1,932 residential lots can be developed on approximately 317 acres of the property designated for residential uses. There are a range of residential lot sizes and dwelling unit types provided. Minimum residential lot sizes range from 1,800 square feet for the RV park lots, to 6,000 square feet for the manufactured home/site built lots. Multi-family units are limited to lower density townhomes and apartment clusters. Within individual neighborhoods, lot sizes can be considerably larger than the minimum permitted area.
      (6)   The development of the master community shall be achieved in stages as market demands arise. Parcels may be developed or further subdivided to meet these demands. The developer’s credit assurances required for the public facility improvements outlined in the development agreement shall not be posted until each parcel is replatted for the final development or a building permit is issued for any given parcel. The improvements shall include the improvements adjacent to the parcel being developed, in accordance with the provisions of this specific plan, the development agreement, and the individual plats, as well as any improvements that need to be in place in order to provide road, fire and utility access to the parcel.
   (C)   Policies.
      (1)   Project policies.
         (a)   To create a development which offers a variety of housing types with support commercial facilities and a centrally located park/ recreation area within convenient walking or biking access from all areas of the community;
         (b)   To provide the necessary infrastructure and services for residential and commercial uses;
         (c)   To create an aesthetically cohesive community by providing a common desert landscape theme;
         (d)   To create distinct neighborhoods throughout the plan linked by pedestrian and non-automotive personal vehicular pathways; and
         (e)   To create community identity readily associated with the Cielo Verde Specific Plan Community.
      (2)   Design policies.
         (a)   To create a sense of community and neighborhood identity;
         (b)   To use open space, landscaping and urban design to strengthen identity and image;
         (c)   To use fences, walls, landscaping and berms on the perimeter of neighborhoods to provide privacy screening, define property limits, separate use areas and provide security;
         (d)   To promote building height and bulk appropriate to the size, shape and topography of the site and in harmony with its setting;
         (e)   To utilize a variety of site sizes to encourage efficiency in design and to facilitate a mixture of housing product types and densities;
         (f)   To provide designated automotive parking areas which facilitate both vehicular and pedestrian movements;
         (g)   To utilize landscaping and screening making parking areas visually attractive and compatible with their surroundings;
         (h)   To use appropriate signage for the purpose of identification and direction. The design of permitted signs should be consistent with and architecturally integrated into building and streetscape design themes;
         (i)   To place outdoor lighting in such a way that it accents architectural features and outdoor spaces while minimizing glare or excessive light spillage on neighboring sites; and
         (j)   To maintain the design objective of creating human scale spaces and buildings that do not appear monumental or monotonous in the context of the community.
   (D)   Concepts.
      (1)   Neighborhood concept.
         (a)   Cielo Verde is a master-planned development designed to create a sense of traditional community. While streets are amply designed to accommodate circulation of the largest recreation vehicles and delivery of manufactured housing units, as well as fire and municipal service vehicles, the emphasis is on pedestrian and other non-automotive transportation modes.
         (b)   A secondary network of walking and biking paths is incorporated into some street sections and also follows a branching central linear park to connect smaller-scale residential neighborhoods with recreation and social activity facilities and local shopping and commercial services.
            1.   Commercial development.
               a.   The commercial site has business frontage on 32nd Street and Interstate 8 (I-8) at the city’s eastern “gateway” interchange. In addition to providing a regional center for highway-oriented retail activity, the commercial development will create a buffer between the highway and adjoining residential neighborhoods while providing an important amenity for local residents.
               b.   The central entry road leading into the residential site passes through a neighborhood-scale shopping area which is intended to be a place for local retail shops and services, located within walking and bicycling distance of all of the housing neighborhoods. The neighborhood shopping area at the entrance to Cielo Verde will present a variety of shops and services for local residents, and once fully developed will help to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic entering and exiting onto 32nd Street as many of the residents needs will be met on-site.
            2.   Residential development.
               a.   Targeted to the seasonal visitor and retiree markets, Cielo Verde presents an opportunity for transitional lifestyles. The alternative of rental occupancy is presented in each housing type in order to provide choice and to permit new residents to try out the community before making a long-term commitment. The presence of site built housing within Cielo Verde will also give a greater range of choice for second-home buyers and will provide a supply of lots to local builders who may wish to participate in development of the community.
               b.   A variety of residential housing forms will be created, clustered in discreet neighborhoods of approximately 50 to 100 homes. The co-existence of site built and manufactured homes along with RV units and so-called “Park Models” has already been demonstrated to work effectively, from a market viewpoint, in the Foothills community in east Yuma. In addition, multi-family units including low-density townhomes as well as clustered rental apartment units may be offered in the project, if warranted by market conditions.
               c.   Cielo Verde will complement existing housing supply by offering a range of lot sizes, many larger than the minimum required for each housing type, with a variety of premium features.
      (2)   Streetscape/circulation concept.
         (a)   While the major collector roads within the development are consistent with local standard and with precedent well established in the city, street sections within and between the individual residential neighborhoods are generally narrower than commonly found in other comparable local developments. Resulting reduced traffic speed and emphasis on pedestrian circulation will contribute to safety and help to create the character of a traditional town.
         (b)   Pedestrian and non-automotive “unique vehicle” uses are provided by attractive and fun to use sidewalks and pathways within some road sections. Elsewhere, a system of off-street pathways follows the contour of the linear park system, branching into each neighborhood.
         (c)   Ample street widths and turning radii are provided in all cases for fire and municipal service vehicles as well as for mobile vacation vehicles and manufactured home deliveries.
      (3)   Open space/recreation concept.  As presently envisioned in the Master Plan, community facilities may include a recreation center with indoor/outdoor pool, wading pools, rooms for crafts and social functions, dance floor, auditorium and stage with outdoor bandstand seating, tennis, shuffleboard, volleyball and baseball playing areas, and playgrounds and other social and athletic facilities. Designated areas accessible to and available for use by all the residents include a linear park significantly exceeding the minimum required proportionate amount of site area, which connects the neighborhoods with walking and bicycling trails.
   (E)   Densities.
      (1)   Maximum residential project density.  A maximum density of six units/acre independent of higher densities permitted in multi-family districts located on commercial and residential portions of the site, shall not be considered in calculating overall lot density. The Cielo Verde Specific Plan is allowed a total maximum of 1,932 dwelling units, exclusive of multi-family housing.
      (2)   Multi-family residential density.  Multi-family residential density shall be in accordance with city standard and shall be determined independent of overall residential density limits.
      (3)   Density averaging permitted.  Densities shall be calculated by averaging residential units over the Cielo Verde development site, excluding the multi- family site area. The multi-family units permitted as an alternative use within a portion of the residential and commercial development area will not be used in determining overall density on the single-family residential portion of the site.
   (F)   Cielo Verde Commercial District.
      (1)   Primary uses.  Primary uses permitted in the Cielo Verde Commercial District include the following:
         (a)   Retail sale, rental or repair of goods, materials and equipment, including wholesale activities, provided that wholesale items are available for retail sale to the general public;
         (b)   Hotel, motel, guest lodging or entertainment establishment and associated business;
         (c)   Any business providing a service or installing a product for individuals, households or other businesses;
         (d)   High-density multi-family development;
         (e)   Indoor or outdoor restaurants, cocktail lounges, tourist lodging, theaters and any form of commercial recreation and entertainment conducted wholly within an enclosed building, except no adult-oriented businesses shall be allowed;
         (f)   Enclosed self-storage facilities;
         (g)   Retail motor fuel sales and convenience markets, including automotive service and repair within such facilities;
         (h)   Grocery stores, neighborhood grocery stores, convenience markets and specialty food and beverage stores;
         (i)   General offices such as banks and other financial establishments;
         (j)   Drive-through facility for any restaurant, banks, retail store or service business;
         (k)   Shops and salons providing services for personal grooming and apparel;
         (l)   Religious institutions including related buildings and activities;
         (m)   Residential care facility, small or large;
         (n)   Membership-based lodging;
         (o)   Miscellaneous social services;
         (p)   Offices and clinics; medical;
         (q)   Nursing and personal care, small or large;
         (r)   Hospitals;
         (s)   Medical and dental labs;
         (t)   Home health care services;
         (u)   Miscellaneous health and allied services; and
         (v)   Health clubs and gymnasiums.
      (2)   Accessory uses.  Accessory uses permitted in the Cielo Verde Commercial District include the following:
         (a)   Fabrication, assembly or craftsmanship of such goods and materials which are sold on the premises; provided, however, that such activity is clearly incidental and essential to a principal retail or service use as provided herein; and further provided that the area devoted to such activity shall not exceed 40% of the gross floor area of the principal use. Any other manner of fabrication, manufacturing, processing or other type of industrial activity shall be prohibited; and
         (b)   Sidewalk sales and promotional events which are temporary and incidental to any principal use permitted herein; provided, however, that such activity does not displace any required parking or landscaped area as specified by this chapter.
   (G)   Development standards for the Cielo Verde Commercial District.
      (1)   Minimum lot area.  Twelve thousand square feet.
      (2)   Maximum building height.  Forty feet.
      (3)   Yards.
         (a)   Fifteen-foot setback abutting public or private street;
         (b)   Twenty-foot setback with solid six-foot high screening (landscape/wall) adjacent to residential areas; and
         (c)   Zero-foot setback between lots of the same zoning.
      (4)   Noise limitations.  Noise limitations shall be in accordance with § 154-15.11 of the city zoning ordinance.
      (5)   Parking and loading.  Off-street parking and loading shall be provided in the manner specified in Article 16 of the city zoning ordinance.
      (6)   Lighting.  All exterior lighting fixtures shall be arranged and located as to direct the light away from any public or private street right-of-way or adjoining residential district.
      (7)   Landscaping.  Any required yard fronting on a public or private street right-of-way shall be landscaped as set forth in Article 20 of the city zoning ordinance and shall not be used for parking, loading, maneuvering aisle or product display.
      (8)   Design review.  All developments proposed in the Commercial District shall be subject to Design Review by DCD staff. DCD staff shall use the development standards of § 154-14.01(D) of the Aesthetic Overlay District for review guidelines.
   (H)   Cielo Verde Residential District.
      (1)   Purpose.  Individual neighborhood developments may be produced in the form of subdivided lots or as operating rental parks. These alternate forms of development are intended to provide flexibility in order to respond to evolving market demands in the future. Operating rental parks may be subdivided into lots at future times in compliance with City of Yuma Subdivision Regulations. Subdivided lots may be rented and collectively operated as rental parks, with individual lots owned by the developer or by the homeowner.
      (2)   Primary uses permitted in the Cielo Verde Residential District include the following:
         (a)   Recreational vehicle subdivisions;
         (b)   Park models, including such units exceeding 400 square feet. currently referred to as “super park models” or “vacation homes”;
         (c)   Manufactured homes;
         (d)   Site built dwellings;
         (e)   Lot size requirements and square feet per unit type, are subject to development standards;
         (f)   Low and medium density multi-family dwellings;
         (g)   Small and large residential care facilities;
         (h)   Home occupations;
         (i)   Accessory buildings, structures and uses such as a vestibule, carport, garage, noncommercial storage facilities, boat and trail storage areas;
         (j)   Accessory uses of buildings or structures incidental to any permitted use;
         (k)   Golf courses, community swimming pools, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, softball and volleyball areas and any other recreational or community facilities, as may be warranted by community interests;
         (l)   Open space, parks, linear parks, outdoor performance amphitheater, outdoor/indoor seasonal festival activities and recreational facilities;
         (m)   Municipal water production and storage facilities; municipal sewage treatment plants; municipal facilities for the collection, transfer and disposal of solid waste;
         (n)   Stormwater storage facilities and retention areas;
         (o)   A religious institution, including related buildings and activities, located on Parcel 15 only of the recorded Cielo Verde plat, at the southwest corner of 36th Street and Avenue 8-1/2 E;
         (p)   Recreational vehicle parks; and
         (q)   Manufactured home parks.
      (2)   Development standards.
         (a)   Minimum parcel sizes/area per unit.
            1.   Recreation vehicle, park model.  One thousand eight hundred square feet;
            2.   Manufactured home or multi-family lot size.  Two thousand four hundred square feet;
            3.   Site built residence lot size.  Six thousand square feet;
            4.   Minimum site area for a recreation vehicle subdivision.  Three acres; and
            5.   Dwellings on lot.  More than one dwelling unit may reside on a lot, as long as the lot size includes the combined minimum square footage for each dwelling type. For example, if a recreation vehicle (1,800 square feet) and a site built residence (6,000 square feet) are on one lot, that lot will have to be a minimum of 7,800 square feet.
         (b)   Minimum lot widths.
            1.   RV, park model, manufactured home or multi-family lot width.  40 feet;
            2.   Site built lot width.  50 feet; and
            3.   Lots with circle driveways or dual driveways.  60 feet.
         (c)   Minimum setbacks.
            1.   Front yard setback.
               a.   RV, park model, manufactured home.  Ten feet;
               b.   Site built or multi-family.  Twenty feet; site built single-family homes may be constructed with a 15-foot front yard setback, but shall maintain an increased rear yard setback as shown in division (H)(2)(c)3. below. Front entry garages shall maintain a minimum 20-foot front yard setback.
            2.   Side yard setback.
               a.   RV, park model, manufactured home, site built.  Seven feet; and
               b.   Multi-family.  Zero feet.
            3.   Rear yard setback.  Ten feet; site built single-family homes constructed with a 15-foot front yard setback shall maintain a minimum 15-foot rear yard setback.
            4.   Street side setback.  Ten feet.
            5.   Setback between dwellings.  Fourteen feet.
         (d)   Lot coverage.  Fifty percent maximum.
         (e)   Off-street parking.  One parking space, as defined in Article 16 of this chapter, shall be provided for each parcel for a recreation vehicle subdivision use, and shall not be located within any public or private drive or street or other access way. Said parking shall be paved with a durable, dust-free surface, and shall be located within either 50 feet of the residential use being served or within a designated parking area. No parking space shall be located within the minimum street setback as specified herein. A minimum of one visitor parking space shall be provided for each five recreation vehicle subdivision parcels. All other uses shall provide off-street parking as required by Article 16 of this chapter.
         (f)   Lighting.
            1.   In order to carry out the overall development concept and theme of Cielo Verde, the lighting of the project will accentuate the project features.
            2.   The open spaces will be lighted for pedestrian utilization. The lighting of these areas will be by pedestrian scale lights that will provide low-level light to the major pathway system.
            3.   The individual residencies will light the residential neighborhoods. Each residence will have illuminated address for ease of visitor way finding and emergency vehicle response.
            4.   Interior street will have limited lighting. Intersections will be lighted.
         (g)   Streets.
            1.   Street corners.  Twenty-five feet minimum radius.
            2.   Local street width.  Twenty-two feet of driving surface. Local streets shall accommodate “eyebrow” parking spaces for guest and residential overflow parking.
            3.   Ring Road Street with medians shall have 60 feet of right-of-way. Included in the right-of-way will be a five foot meandering sidewalk on one side, one 12 foot asphalt driving lane in each direction, an eight foot paved shoulder between the travel lane and face of curb and a six foot raised, center median.
            4.   Ring Road without medians shall have 60 feet of right-of-way. Included in the right-of-way will be two 12 foot asphalt driving lanes, excluding gutter and five foot meandering sidewalks on both sides of the roadway.
            5.   Thirty-Sixth Street shall have 80 feet of required right-of-way. Cross sections shall be the same as the Ring Road cross sections with appropriate modifications approved by staff to accommodate left turn bays.
         (h)   Driveway standards.  Twelve feet wide, four feet from property lines.
         (i)   Curbing.  City standards or modified wedge curb and gutter (see detail).
         (j)   Stormwater drainage.  Drain to master drainage areas in parks and recreational area set aside for such use.
         (k)   Utilities.  The following utilities, as available to the site, shall service each residential parcel:  electricity, telephone, cable service, natural gas, city water, city sewer or city approved alternative wastewater collection and treatment system.
         (l)   Fire hydrants.  Fire hydrants shall be located along streets at 500-foot intervals, subject to review of the City Fire Department.
         (m)   Walls and fences at exterior boundaries.  Walls or fences shall be located at exterior boundaries adjacent to arterial streets.
         (n)   Landscaping.
            1.   The landscaping of Cielo Verde will set the visual tone of this unique community. The character of the landscape will utilize a blend of native and cultivated-drought resistant plants in accordance with the city’s approved plant list. These will be arranged in groupings that replicate natural settings.
            2.   For the right-of-way areas, the density and sizes of materials as stated in the ordinance will be utilized. However, the landscape materials will be arranged in natural groupings and spacing. The plants will not be placed on specific center-to-center dimension.
            3.   The major open spaces will utilize the same concept as above. The informal groupings of arid adapted plants will be combined with accent areas of turf. Turf will be utilized in small areas that will be useful and functional to the residents. The quantity and sizes of the plantings will conform to the city landscape ordinance requirements (Article 20) but the groupings will be natural in appearance.
         (o)   Design.  Side entry garages for site built single-family homes shall incorporate additional architectural treatments such as windows, pop-outs or other architectural features to enhance the street-side appearance. The design shall be subject to the review and approval of the Department of Community Development.
   (I)   Cielo Verde Manufactured Housing Park District.
      (1)   Primary uses.
         (a)   Manufactured home parks;
         (b)   Recreational vehicle parks;
         (c)   Private parks, recreation areas and facilities;
         (d)   Recreational vehicle cooperatives;
         (e)   Public schools, parks and recreation facilities;
         (f)   Child day care services, small;
         (g)   Residential care facility, small; and
         (h)   Nursing and personal care facility, small.
      (2)   Accessory uses.
         (a)   Accessory buildings, structures and uses in manufactured home parks such as vestibule, carport, garage, storage or recreation facilities and joint boat and trailer storage areas;
         (b)   Overflow recreational vehicle parking (dry camps), not to exceed 20% of the total number of manufactured home and recreational vehicle spaces; and
         (c)   Home occupation.
      (3)   Development standards.
         (a)   Minimum park area.  Three acres (A lot, parcel or tract of land less than three acres may be rezoned if it adjoins existing similar zoning).
         (b)   Maximum one unit per lot.  There shall be not more than one manufactured home per each manufactured home space. The location of recreational vehicles on a manufactured home space for human occupancy is permitted provided it is the only occupied unit on the space, and also provided that the unit is self-contained or that restrooms and shower facilities are provided.
         (c)   Minimum services and equipment.  All manufactured homes shall be equipped with toilet, bath and kitchen facilities and shall be connected to a sanitary sewer. Water, electrical and telephone service shall be provided.
         (d)   Unit rental space sizes.
            1.   Manufactured home park.
               a.   Minimum per space.  One thousand eight hundred square feet minimum per manufactured home space;
               b.   Minimum width.  Thirty feet; and
               c.    Minimum depth.  Sixty feet.
            2.   Recreational vehicle park and recreational vehicle cooperative.
               a.   Minimum per space.  Minimum area of 1,200 square feet per recreational vehicle space;
               b.   Minimum width.  Twenty-five feet; and
               c.   Minimum depth.  Forty-eight feet.
         (e)   Streets.
            1.   Local street width.  Twenty-two feet; and
            2.   Street corners.  Twenty-five feet.
         (f)   Curbing.  City standards or modified wedge curb and gutter.
         (g)   Off-street parking.
            1.   For manufactured housing parks.  Minimum two parking spaces per lot; and
            2.   For recreational vehicle parks and recreational vehicle cooperatives.  Minimum one parking space per lot.
         (h)   Walls and fences at exterior boundaries.  Walls surrounding the exterior perimeter of manufactured home park neighborhoods shall be provided at a minimum height of six feet.
         (i)   Utilities.  The following utilities, as available to the site, shall service each residential parcel: electricity, telephone, cable service, natural gas, city water, city sewer or city approved alternative wastewater collection and treatment system.
         (j)   Fire hydrants.  Fire hydrants shall be located along streets at 500-foot intervals, subject to review of the City Fire Department.
         (k)   Washroom and laundry facilities.  Washroom and laundry facilities shall be provided in enclosed structures.
         (l)   Park manager accommodations.  One dwelling unit or manufactured home will be permitted for the use of the park manager or cooperative; such building may also include a management office.
         (m)   Refuse collection areas.  Shall be provided at centralized locations for convenient access.
         (n)   Minimum recreation areas.  Open space and recreational areas to be not less than 5% of total area devoted to manufactured home development.
         (o)   Lighting.
            1.   Lighting for this district will continue the theme of Cielo Verde. The park pathways and some selected areas of the open spaces will be illuminated with low-level pathway lights.
            2.   The individual residences will have illuminated addresses to light the residential areas.
            3.   Interior streets will have limited lighting. All intersections will be lighted.
         (p)   Stormwater drainage.  Stormwater drainage shall be provided in accordance with final approved plat plan.
         (q)   Management.  The park manager or cooperative association shall be responsible for the management and maintenance of all private streets and facilities as specified herein.
         (r)   Setbacks from the periphery of the park.
            1.   Front yard.  Five feet;
            2.   Side yard (including street side).  Five feet; and
            3.   Rear yard.  Five feet.
         (s)   Separation.  As required in the Building Safety Code or by development agreement.
         (t)   Maximum height.  Maximum height of buildings is 20 feet.
         (u)   Visibility.  All structures located at the corner of public streets shall comply with the visibility triangle requirements of the zoning code. See § 154-06.04(F)(5) through (F)(9).
         (v)   Tie downs.  All manufactured homes and park model recreational vehicles in manufactured home or recreational vehicle parks shall be anchored to comply with wind and seismic standards as adopted by the city.
         (w)   Landscaping.  Landscaping for this section of the project will maintain the same character as  the rest of Cielo Verde. Planting will utilize the same plant palette, informal groupings and densities. Densities of plants and sizes will be as required by the city landscape ordinance (Article 20). Spacing of the plants will be based upon natural groupings and the growth characteristics of each plant.
(Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010; Ord.O2014-16, passed 8-27-2014)
Cielo Verde Specific Plan
(Ord.O2014-16, passed 8-27-2014)