§ 154-15.03  Height Limits.
   (A)   Specifications.  For the purpose of this chapter, an attic story shall be deemed a full story. No story shall be deemed a first story if its floor level is more than four feet below the mean lot level, except that if any basement or cellar is used for residence occupancy by other than a janitor or caretaker, such basement or cellar shall be deemed to be a first story. A mezzanine story shall be considered a full story if it covers an area greater than one-half of the ground floor area, or if the total height of the story which includes the mezzanine exceeds 24 feet.
   (B)   Exceptions to height limits.  The provisions of this section shall not apply to church spires, domes, belfries, cupolas, monuments, water tank towers, fire towers, observation towers, transmission towers used specifically for high voltage electrical transmission, wind-mills, chimneys, smokestacks, silos, derricks, conveyors, flag; or to a parapet wall extending not more than four feet above the limit of height of the building on which it rests; nor on High Density Residential R-3, Business or Industrial Districts, to bulkheads, elevator penthouses, water tanks, monitors or scenery lofts; provided that such structures shall not have an aggregate area greater than 25% of the ground floor area of the building, and provided that no linear dimension of any such structure other than a parapet wall shall exceed 50% of the corresponding street frontage, if the structure be within 25 feet of such frontage.
   (C)   Visibility.  No walls, building, signs, vehicles, shrubbery or dense planting or other visual obstruction in excess of 30 inches in height shall be placed on any corner in any zoning district within the visibility triangle. Trees may be permitted, provided that the branches and leaves shall be trimmed to a minimum height of eight feet above the ground to permit unobstructed visibility.
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