§ 154-15.05  Swimming Pools.
   All swimming pools (municipal, commercial or private) shall be subject to the following criteria.
   (A)   All swimming pools shall be enclosed by a fence or wall which has a minimum height of five feet measured from the exterior of the fence. Said fence or wall shall have no openings greater than four inches in any dimension and does not afford climbing. All gates in said fence or wall shall be of a self-closing and self-latching type.
   (B)   All swimming pools shall comply with the minimum front yard setbacks of the applicable zoning district. All swimming pools shall be set back five feet from the side, rear and street side property lines. The required five-foot wall may be located on the side, rear or street wide property lines but shall not be located within the front yard setbacks. In all cases, the sight clearance and fence requirements shall be applicable.
   (C)   Swimming pools shall not be included in the computation of maximum lot coverage.
   (D)   Swimming pool equipment shall be installed per manufacturer’s specifications; however, if these devices are installed within the rear and/or side yard setbacks they shall adhere to the following:
      (1)   The side yard setback for pool equipment shall have a minimum distance of four feet from the side property line or the building to maintain fire access.
      (2)   The rear yard setback for pool equipment shall have a minimum distance of zero feet from the rear property line.
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