§ 154-15.04  Projections, Encroachments.
   (A)   Specifications.  Except as specified in this section, yards required by this chapter shall be open and unobstructed to the sky.
   (B)   Cornices and eaves.  Cornices and eaves may project not to exceed two feet over any minimum required yard.
   (C)   Ornaments and balconies.  Sills, leaders, belt courses and similar ornamental features may project six inches over any minimum yard. An open fire balcony, fire escape or fire tower may project five feet over any yard.
   (D)   Bay windows and porches.  A bay window, oriel or balcony, which is not more than eight feet wide may project not more than two feet into any front or side yard. A porte cochere over a driveway may extend into any side yard.
(Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010)