Sec. 4.  Revocable temporary permits, licenses.
   The city administrator of the city shall have the right and power to issue revocable temporary permits and licenses to any person, association or corporation operating under a franchise or grant from the city, for the purpose of temporarily making use of a part of the streets, avenues, alleys or other public places in the city, for the better carrying out of the object of the said franchise or grant and as an aid for rendering better or more convenient service to the people of the city, or such of them to whom such service is or might be rendered within the contemplation of such franchise or grant; such license or permit to be subject to the revocation or discontinuance at any time in the discretion of the city administrator of the city or city council, and shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations, burdens and regulations as the city council may impose.  The licensee or permittee of such license or permit, upon receiving notice from the city administrator of the city of the revocation of such license or permit, shall forthwith remove any property or obstruction on, in or under any street, alley, public place or building described in such notice; and upon failure to remove said property or obstruction immediately upon the receipt of such notice, the licensee or permittee of such license or permit revoked, and all other persons acting for or in behalf of such licensee or permittee, operating upon or using any street, avenue, alley or public place or building for the operation or use of which the licensee or permit therefor is revoked, shall be considered and treated as trespassers, be removed therefrom, and shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70; renumbered Gen. Elec. 12/6/77; Gen. Elec. 11/6/01)