Residential Care Homes
1743.01   Definitions; classification.
1743.02   Licensing; inspection fees.
1743.03   Documents available for review.
1743.04   Enforcement; revocation of license.
1743.05   Regulations; standards; license fees.
1743.06   Annual license required; prohibitions; minimum length of revocation.
1743.07   Placement in unlicensed institution.
1743.08   Conditions for issuance of license.
1743.09   Automatic fire alarm extinguishing system.
1743.10   Common Pleas Court has jurisdiction.
1743.11   Absence of Health Commissioner.
1743.12   Resident's rights.
1743.99   Penalty.
Rest homes and nursing homes - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3721
Hospitalization of mentally ill- see Ohio R.C. Ch. 5122
Mental retardation and developmental disabilities - see
Ohio R.C. Ch. 5123