Chap. 701.     General Provisions.
      Chap. 709.     Sexually Oriented Businesses.
      Chap. 711.     Alarm Systems.
      Chap. 717.    Bowling Alleys.
      Chap. 719.     Building Cleaning and Resurfacing.
      Chap. 720.    Registration of Journeyman Plumbers.
      Chap. 721.     Commercial Heating.
      Chap. 722.    Registration of Specialty Contractors.
      Chap. 723.     Collecting Accounts.
      Chap. 725.     Commercial Sound Service Equipment.
      Chap. 727.     Consumer Protection Regulations.
      Chap. 731.     Courtesy Benches.
      Chap. 733.     Draymen.(Repealed)
      Chap. 737.    Refuse Haulers.
      Chap. 743.     Going-Out-of-Business Sales.
      Chap. 746.     Jewelry Auctions and Going Out of Business Sales.
      Chap. 747.     Junk Dealers, Secondhand Stores and Scrap Metal Processing Facilities.
      Chap. 748.     Home Sales.
      Chap. 751.     Massage Parlors.
      Chap. 753.     Mechanical Amusement Devices.
      Chap. 757.     Pawnbrokers.
      Chap. 760.     Oil and Gas Wells.
      Chap. 761.     Itinerant Retailers.
      Chap. 762.    Door to Door Solicitation and Peddling.
      Chap. 763.     Poolrooms and Billiard Parlors.
      Chap. 765.    Public Garages and Parking Lots.
      Chap. 767.     Public Dances.
      Chap. 771.     Real Estate Sales.
      Chap. 775.     Service Stations.
      Chap. 777.     Soft Drink Sales.
      Chap. 779.     Soliciting Funds.
      Chap. 785.     Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire.
      Chap. 786.     Clothing Donation Containers.
      Chap. 787.     Theaters, Circuses and Other Shows.
      Chap. 789 .    Prisoner Accommodation Fee.