Title 6
1.   Animals
2.   Barbers and Cosmetologists
3.   Food Handling
4.   Milk Inspection and Distribution
5.   Public Sewage Disposal
6.   Housing Code
7.   Litter and Contaminants
8.   Water Quality
9.   Public Health Permits
10.   General Provisions
11.   Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances
12.   Regulation of Biosolids
13.   Camping Within the Unincorporated Area of Yolo County
14.   Limitations to Access to Tobacco Products
15.   Tobacco Retailer Permit
16.   Recycling And Diversion of Debris From Construction and Demolition
17.   Waste, Recyclables and Organics
18.   Smoking in Workplaces and Enclosed Public Places
19.   Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
20.   Promotion of Safe and Open Public Spaces
21.   COVID-19 Penalty
22.   LNU Complex Fire Debris Removal