Title 3
1.   Budget
2.   Documentary Transfer Taxes
3.   Peddlers, Vendors, and Traveling Merchants (Repealed)
4.   Property Taxes
5.   Reissuance of Warrants
6.   Sales and Use Taxes
7.   Transient Occupancy Taxes
8.   Service Charges for County Service Areas
9.   Parcel Charges: Rolling Acres Permanent Road Division (Repealed)
10.   Weights and Measures
11.   Extended Service Charges: North Davis Meadows County Service Area (Repealed)
12.   Criminal Justice Administrative Fee
13.   Property Tax Administrative Costs
14.   County Facilities Authorization and Fee
15.   Extended Service Charges: Dunnigan County Service Area (Repealed)
16.   Fire District Development Impact Mitigation Fees
17.   Clerk/Recorder Fees
18.   Cannabis Business Tax