Tree and Vegetation Protection
913.01   Definitions.
913.02   Purpose.
913.03   Tree control vested in Director.
913.04   Permits for trees on public places.
913.05   Deleterious substances near trees.
913.06   Impervious materials.
913.07   Animals injuring trees.
913.08   Tree care during building operations.
913.09   Moving of trees.
913.10   Trimming, preservation or removal of trees on public property.
913.11   Trimming trees on private property.
913.12   Certain trees prohibited.
913.13   Notice of violation.
913.14   Collecting bills; assessing ordinances.
913.15   Hedges and shrubbery along sidewalks or driveways.
913.16   Height of hedges and shrubbery.
913.17   Hedges and shrubbery as nuisances.
913.18   Abatement of hedge or shrubbery nuisance.
913.99   Penalty.