Chapter 2.72
   2.72.010   Purpose.
   2.72.020   Administrative Adjudication System.
   2.72.030   Hearing procedures not exclusive.
   2.72.040   Organization of Administrative Adjudication System.
   2.72.050   Administrative Hearing Officer.
   2.72.060   Administrative Hearing Records Unit.
   2.72.070   Violation notices; Form; Contents; Records; Admissibility.
   2.72.080   Initial notice of violation; Service; Contents; Recordkeeping.
   2.72.090   Response to initial notice; Pre-payment; Hearing request.
   2.72.100   Failure to respond to initial notice.
   2.72.110   Hearing procedures.
   2.72.120   Default liability; Failure to appear or respond to second notice.
   2.72.130   Contesting violations by written statement.
   2.72.140   Certified report and contesting certified report.
   2.72.150   Judicial review.
   2.72.160   Debt to Village.
   2.72.170   Enforcement of judgments.
   2.72.180   Fines, penalties, fees and costs.