Section 2.72.080   Initial notice of violation; Service; Contents; Recordkeeping.
   A.   Initial Notice of Parking and Certain Other Vehicle Violations.  For parking and vehicle violations that are initiated by a pre-printed ticket or citation under Article 10 of this code, the pre-printed ticket or citation shall serve as the initial notice of violation and may be served by posting the pre-printed ticket or citation on the vehicle that is the subject of the violation, or by any other means authorized by the following subsection B or by the Illinois Vehicle Code.
   B.   Initial Notice of Other Violations.  For all other violations, service of the initial notice of violation shall be made in one (1) or more of the following ways:
      1.   By handing the notice to the person responsible for the violation or to the person's employee or agent;
      2.   By leaving the notice with any person thirteen (13) years of age or older at the residence of the responsible person, and informing that person of the contents of the notice, provided the person making service shall also send a copy of the notice in a sealed envelope with postage fully pre-paid, addressed to the defendant at his or her usual place of abode;
      3.   By mailing the notice, with postage fully pre-paid to the last known address of record of the individual/entity or his or her/its registered agent; or
      4.   In the case of a violation by a corporation or partnership, by serving notice on the corporation or partnership in accordance with the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure (735 ILCS 5/2-201 et seq.).
   C.   Certification of Facts in Notice.  The person issuing a notice of violation shall certify the correctness of the facts in the notice.
      1.   For a manually issued notice, the person issuing the notice shall sign his or her name to the notice at the time of issuance.
      2.   For electronically produced notices of violation, such as parking citations, the person who controls and operates the device that generates the notice shall certify the correctness of the facts stated therein by signing a single certificate attesting to the correctness of all notices produced by the device while under his or her control.
   D.   Notice of Payment and Procedural Options.  In addition to the general content required by Section 2.72.070 of this chapter, the following information shall be provided in the initial notice.
      1.   The initial notice of violation shall specify whether the person receiving the notice must appear before the Administrative Hearing Officer, or if the fine or penalty for the violation can be pre-paid, in which case the amount of the fine or penalty shall be stated in the Notice of Violation.
      2.   If appearance is mandatory, the date, time, and place of the hearing shall be set forth in the initial notice of violation and in such additional notices as are issued in accordance with this chapter, subject to the minimum time periods set forth in Section 2.72.100(C) of this chapter.
   E.   Recordkeeping.  The original or a facsimile of every notice of violation and of electronically generated certifications shall be maintained as a record by the Administrative Hearing Unit in the ordinary course of business.
   F.   Admissibility of Notice.  The notice of violation or a copy thereof is admissible in any subsequent administrative or judicial proceeding to the extent permitted by law.
(MC-2-2014, Added, 2/18/2014)