Section 2.72.180   Fines, penalties, fees and costs.
   A.   Amount Set by Village Council.  Fines and penalties for any violation of any Village ordinance subject to administrative adjudication under this chapter shall be as established by this code.  The Village Council may by resolution set penalties and interest charges for late payment, as well as administrative fees in an amount sufficient to recover the costs of administering the Administrative Adjudication System.
   B.   Maximum Fine.  No fines or penalties set by the Village Council shall exceed $50,000 or the statutory maximum, whichever is less.
   C.   Schedule of Fines and Penalties.  The Administrative Hearing Records Unit shall publish a consolidated schedule of fines and penalties, which shall be posted on the Village's web site and at the Winnetka Police Department and shall be updated by the Administrative Hearing Records Unit as necessary to reflect amendments made by the Village Council.
(MC-2-2014, Added, 2/18/2014)