Section 2.72.060   Administrative Hearing Records Unit.
   A.   Establishment.  There is hereby established an Administrative Hearing Records Unit within the Administrative Adjudication System. 
   B.   Appointment by Village Manager.  The Village Manager will assign one (1) or more employees of the Village to perform the functions set forth in this section and shall have the discretion to designate an employee of the Village to manage the operations of the Administrative Records Unit under the direction and control of the Village Manager.  The Village Manager shall have the discretion to retain an independent contractor in addition to or in place of Village employees to perform any or all of the functions of the Administrative Records Unit.
   C.   Powers and Duties.  The Administrative Hearing Records Unit shall have the duty and authority to:
      1.   Establish procedures reasonably required to manage the scheduling, operations and recordkeeping of the Administrative Adjudication System.
      2.   Adopt, distribute, and process all notices as may be required under this chapter, or as may reasonably be required to carry out the purpose of this chapter.
      3.   Collect payments made as a result of fines and/or penalties assessed and transmit such payments to the Director of Finance.
      4.   Certify reports to the Illinois Secretary of State concerning initiation of suspension of driving privileges in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and Section 6-306.5 of the Motor Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/6-306.5).
      5.   Refer  unpaid fines and penalties to the Director of Finance for collection, which may be pursued through private collection agencies that the Village may retain or by filing complaints in the Circuit Court of Cook County.
      6.   Certify copies of findings, decisions, and orders adjudicated pursuant to this chapter, and any factual reports verifying the findings, decisions, and orders that are issued in accordance with this chapter or the laws of the State of Illinois.
      7.   Oversee the operation and maintenance of the computer programs for the Administrative Adjudication System, including, without limitation:
         a.   Inputting information for the Notice of Violation provided for in Section 2.72.070 of this chapter;
         b.   Establishing hearing dates and notice dates;
         c.   Recording the assessment of fines and penalties;
         d.   Recording payments and issuing payment receipts;
         e.   Issuing notices of hearing dates, notices of default, final notices and such other notices as may be necessary to implement the Administrative Adjudication System; and
         f.   Keeping accurate records of appearances and non-appearances at hearings, pleas entered, fines, and other penalties assessed and paid.
      8.   Postpone or continue a defendant's hearing to a later hearing date, if such request is made prior to the first scheduled hearing date.
(MC-2-2014, Added, 2/18/2014)