(A)   Applicability. All of the following may be reviewed and approved as minor subdivisions:
      (1)   Subdivisions that involve the creation of five or fewer lots provided that:
         (a)   They do not involve the creation of any new streets;
         (b)   They do not require the extension of municipal facilities;
         (c)   They do not adversely affect development of the remainder of the parcel or abutting property;
         (d)   They do not conflict with the County Land Resource Management Plan or any of its functional elements; and
         (e)   They do not conflict with the County Zoning Ordinance, chapter or official map.
      (2)   The consolidation of lots or parcels into a fewer number of lots or parcels.
Land divisions that are eligible for processing as minor subdivisions must still comply with all chapter standards and requirements.
   (B)   Procedural overview.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009)