74.01   County parking regulations
   74.02   Unattended motor vehicles
   74.03   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
   74.04   Parking in alleys; unloading and loading only
   74.05   Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence district
   74.06   Additional parking regulations
   74.07   Passenger loading zones
   74.08   Obstructions to traffic unlawful
   74.09   Parking in excess of designated time limit
   74.10   Cab stands; bus stands
   74.11   Unauthorized use of parking places reserved for handicapped persons
   74.12   Handicapped persons: signs and size of parking spaces
   74.13   Handicapped persons:  parking privileges; exemptions
   74.14   Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs
   74.15   Pedestrians walking on highways
   74.16   Signs posted for limited or prohibited parking
   74.17   Lessors or visitor vehicles; duty upon receiving notice of violation of this chapter or local parking regulations
   74.18   Prima facie evidence of registered owner
   74.19   Issuance of citation
   74.99   Penalty
   Abandoned vehicles, see §§ 70.25, 70.26
   Towing or removal of illegally parked vehicles, see § 70.04