(A)   The County Board shall have the authority to regulate parking on any county-owned property.
   (B)   Parking is prohibited in county-owned or operated parking facilities where designated as not permitting the parking of unauthorized vehicles.
   (C)   At least one sign, with a warning to the effect that cars parked in areas designated as no- parking areas or areas in which only authorized vehicles are allowed by signs or markings in the parking lot, shall be erected near the entrance to each lot in such manner that motorists entering the lot to park a motor vehicle will have to pass by the warning sign at least once before parking their motor vehicle. Additional signs may be erected in the interior of the facilities.
   (D)   The Sheriff’s Department, at county-owned or operated parking facilities, is authorized to cause to be removed from the facilities by a reputable towing service in the county, any cars parked in violation of this section.  In addition, duly authorized personnel of the county may place a summons on vehicles for violations of this section.
   (E)   Vehicles impounded pursuant to this section shall not be released until all charges or penalties owing to the county have been paid and the towing service has verification of payment from the Sheriff's Department. The towing service may levy its usual charges for towing and storage against the impounded vehicles and may refuse to release the vehicle until payment is received.
   (F)   Towing services requested to remove illegally parked vehicles from county parking facilities shall take possession of the vehicles and safely keep them until claimed by the owner or other person legally entitled to possession of the vehicle, or until disposed of by law.
   (G)   The county shall not be held to answer or be liable for damages in any action brought by the registered owner, former registered owner, other legal representative, or by any person as a result of the towing and storage of a vehicle impounded under this section.
(1980 Code, § 74.01)  (Ord. 11-287, passed 8-18-2011)