General Provisions
   50.01   Compliance with state and federal regulations
   50.02   Definitions
   50.03   Depositing objectionable waste prohibited
   50.04   Discharge of storm water, cooling water, unpolluted industrial process water and the like
   50.05   Deposit of wastewater or other polluted waters to be done where suitable treatment provided
   50.06   Owner’s responsibility to install suitable toilet facilities; privy vaults, cesspools and the like
   50.07   Tampering with or damaging town equipment
   50.08   Right of entry
   50.09   Notification requirement for unusual flows or accidental discharges
   50.10   Extraterritorial services
   50.11   Procedure and fees for investigation of a storm water nuisance
Private Sewage Disposal System
   50.20   Connecting building sewer to private sewage disposal system
   50.21   Written permit to be obtained
   50.22   Inspection and approval of installation
   50.23   Compliance with State Board of Health
   50.24   Connecting private sewage disposal system to public sewers
   50.25   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   50.26   Connecting building sewer to public sewer
   50.27   Noninterference with additional requirements
Building Sewer and Connections
   50.40   Connection permit required
   50.41   Building sewer permits
   50.42   Costs and expenses of installation and connection of building sewer; indemnification
   50.43   Separate building sewer provided for every building
   50.44   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   50.45   Size and slope
   50.46   Elevation to be below basement floor
   50.47   Sources of surface runoff or groundwater
   50.48   Connections to comply with building code and plumbing code; exceptions
   50.49   Inspection of connection to public sewer
   50.50   Excavations
Use of Public Sewers
   50.60   Prohibited discharges
   50.61   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
Industrial Usage
   50.70   Pretreatment required
   50.71   Town Council approval required for pretreatment or control facilities
Rates and Charges
   50.80   Definitions
   50.81   Authority and duties of town
   50.82   Charges for service
   50.83   Billing and collection procedures
   50.84   Billing to be monthly; rate schedule
   50.85   Provision for discharge of water obtained from other sources
   50.86   Charges based on volume, strength and character; user to furnish sampling point
   50.87   Availability fees and connection fees
   50.88   Special rate contracts
   50.89   Surcharge
   50.90   Appeals
   50.91   Studies
   50.99   Penalty
   Identity Theft Prevention Program for Whiteland Utilities, see §§ 38.01 through 38.10