General Provisions
   34.01   Authorizing electronic funds transfer
Disbursement of Funds
   34.15   Appropriation required
   34.16   Issue of warrants
   34.17   Allowance of claims
   34.18   Warrants for payment of claims
   34.19   Payment of compensation to officer or employee prior to vacation leave
   34.20   Claim payments in advance of allowance
   34.21   Transfer of funds
   34.35   Preparation of annual budget estimates
   34.36   Preparation and approval of ordinance fixing tax rate; making annual appropriations
   34.37   Increase or decrease of appropriations after approval of ordinance
Town Funds
   34.50   General Fund
   34.51   Storm Water Bond and Interest Fund
   34.52   Debt Service Fund
   34.53   Storm Water Fund
   34.54   Storm Water Construction Fund
   34.55   Operation Pull-Over Fund
   34.56   Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund (LLECEF)
   34.57   Levee Certification Project Fund
   34.58   Riverboat Fund
   34.59   Cable TV Franchise Fund
   34.60   Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund (CCIF)
   34.61   Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT)
   34.62   TIF Fund
   34.63   Local Road and Street (LR&S) Fund
   34.64   Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (MVH Fund)
   34.65   Water Works Operating Fund
   34.66   Water Works Depreciation Fund
   34.67   Water Works Consumer Deposit Fund
   34.68   Water Works Construction Fund
   34.69   Trash Utility Fund
   34.70   Sewer Operating Fund
   34.71   Sewer Bond and Interest Fund
   34.72   Sewer Debt Service Fund
   34.73   Payroll Clearing Fund
   34.74   Federal Withholding Fund
   34.75   FICA/Medicare Fund
   34.76   State Withholding Fund
   34.77   PERF - Employee Fund
   34.78   Group Health Insurance Fund
   34.79   Garnishment Fund
   34.80   Reimbursement Fund
   34.81   Local Withholding Tax Fund
   34.82   PERF - Town Share Due Fund
   Clerk-Treasurer Cash Change Fund, see § 32.26
   Clerk-Treasurer Petty Cash Fund, see § 32.25