A grid system for the assignment of street addresses within the Village is hereby adopted and the map attached to original Ordinance 2000-10 is approved for the assignment of street addresses and is incorporated herein by reference.
   All new residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses located outside of an area bounded on the north by Maple Street, on the south by Kent Street, on the west by Mill Street and on the east by Grand Avenue and as further identified on the grid system address map attached to original Ordinance 2000-10 and incorporated herein shall be assigned street addresses that conform to the attached map.
   Street addresses shall be assigned by a committee consisting of the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, one representative of the Ambulance District and one member of the Planning Commission.  This shall be known as the Street Address Committee.  Street addresses shall be issued by the office of the Clerk of the Planning and Zoning Department.  This Committee may designate the responsible authority identified in the Planning and Zoning Code to carry out all or any part of its duties.
   Violations of this section shall be subject to the penalty per Chapter 1117 , Section 1117.013 of the Planning and Zoning Code.
(Ord.  2000-10.  Passed 3-20-00; Ord. 2012-13.  Passed 5-7-12.)
Installations Within the Right of Way
920.01   Permit required.
920.02   Application and permit fees.
920.03   Regulations for installations within the right of way.
920.04   Action on application.
920.05   Appeals.
920.99   Penalty.