The charges for water and sewer services which are, under the provisions of Section 21 of Act 94 of the Public Acts of 1933, as amended, made a lien on all premises served thereby, unless notice is given that a tenant is responsible, are hereby recognized to constitute such lien, and whenever any such charge against any piece of property shall be delinquent for six months, the City official or officials in charge of the collection thereof shall certify annually, as to each such delinquent account, to the tax assessing officer of the City, the fact of such delinquency, whereupon such charge, together with a delinquency charge of twenty-five percent, shall be by such tax assessing officer entered upon the next tax roll as a charge against such premises and shall be collected and the lien thereof enforced in the same manner as general City taxes against such premises are collected and the lien thereof enforced. At the time of such certification, notice shall be given to the person responsible for such delinquent account of the fact of the certification and of the delinquency charge.  Where notice is given that a tenant is responsible for water and sewer charges and services as provided by said Section 21 of Act 94, no further service shall be rendered to such premises until a cash deposit of not less than a sum equal to the estimated billing for such premises for two billing periods shall have been made as security for payment of such charges and services.
   In addition to other remedies provided, the City shall have the right to shut off and discontinue the supply of water to any premises for the nonpayment of water or sewer rates when due.  If such charges are not paid within thirty days after the due date thereof, then water service to such premises shall be discontinued.  Water service so discontinued shall not be restored until all sums then due and owing shall be paid.
(Ord. 7-A-25.  Passed 9-20-83.)