(a)   There is hereby adopted, by reference, the Water Supply Cross Connection Rules of the Michigan Department of Public Health, being Sections R325.431 to R325.440 of the Michigan Administrative Code.
   (b)   It shall be the duty of the City to cause inspections to be made of all properties served by the public water supply where cross-connections with the public water supply are deemed possible. The frequency of inspections and reinspections based on potential health hazards involved shall be as established by the City and as approved by the Michigan Department of Public Health.
(Ord. 54.  Passed 10-21-80.)
   (c)   The Building Official, or his or her designee, shall have the right to enter, at any reasonable time, any property served by a connection to the public water supply system of the City for the purpose of inspecting the piping system or systems thereof for cross-connections. On request, the owner, lessees or occupants of any property so served shall furnish to the inspection agency any pertinent information regarding the piping system or systems on such property. The refusal of access, when requested, shall be deemed evidence of the presence of cross-connections.
(Ord. 1990-01.  Passed 1-2-90.)
   (d)   The Department of Water and Sewers is hereby authorized and directed to discontinue water service after reasonable notice to any property wherein any connection in violation of this chapter exists, and to take such other precautionary measures deemed necessary to eliminate any danger of contamination of the public water supply system. Water service to such property shall not be restored until all cross-connections have been eliminated in compliance with this chapter.
   (e)   The potable water supply made available on the properties served by the public water supply shall be protected from possible contamination as specified by this chapter and by the State and City Plumbing Codes. Any water outlet which could be used for potable or domestic purposes and which is not supplied by the potable system must be labeled in a conspicuous manner as:
   (f)   This section shall not be construed as superseding the State and City Plumbing Codes but as being supplementary to them.
   (g)   For the purpose of this section, a cross-connection is defined as a connection or arrangement of piping or appurtenances through which water of questionable quality, wastes or other contaminants are able to enter the public water supply system. 
(Ord. 54.  Passed 10-21-80.)