(a)   Rates and charges for the use of the water and wastewater system of the City shall be based upon the user charge system methodology which complies with applicable Federal and State regulations and which, from time to time, shall be approved by Council.  Revisions to the rates for water and sewer service charges are to be established by resolution of Council, which shall be enacted apart from the published ordinances as necessary to ensure sufficiency of revenues in meeting operation, maintenance and replacement costs, as well as debt service.
(Ord. 1992-32.  Passed 11-2-92.)
   The purpose of the water and sewer charges established by the Council is to provide for the payments heretofore noted for the purposes of preserving and maintaining said system in good repair and in working order and further to provide for the payment of interest upon and the principal upon all bonds which may become due and payable.
   Said rating structure may further be used for the creation of a reserve which may be required by other provisions of this chapter or other regulatory agents and further to provide for the funds necessary for the expenditures as may be otherwise required of the City in this chapter or by other regulatory agencies.
   The City shall, not less than annually, review and revise, if necessary, such rates as may be necessary to produce sufficient funds to provide for the foregoing expenditures as may be determined in an annual audit.
   (b)   The City shall bill and collect from all users, as defined in this chapter, not less than quarterly, the sums of money necessary to pay for those expenditures alluded to in this chapter.
   (c)   All users, as defined in this chapter, of the City's water and/or sewer system shall receive an annual notification either printed on the bill or enclosed in a separate envelope which will show the breakdown of the sewer service charge into its components for the following:
      (1)   Administration;
      (2)   Operation, maintenance and replacement; and
      (3)   The debt service charge.
   (d)   Other charges and fees in connection with the water and sewer system shall be as provided in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code. 
(Ord. 1992-10. Passed 1-21-92.)