As used in this chapter, unless a different meaning is clearly indicated from the context:
   (a)   "Clerk" means the duly appointed and acting City Clerk.
   (b)   "Motor vehicle for hire" means a motor vehicle, with a driver, not equipped with a taximeter, designed to carry seven or fewer passengers for public hire at an hourly rate.
   (c)   "Police Department" means the Police Department of the City and the authorized officers or agents thereof.
   (d)   "Taxicab" means a passenger motor vehicle, with a driver, driven by mechanical power on which a taximeter is affixed.
   (e)   "Taximeter" means a mechanical instrument or device by which a charge for hire is electronic or mechanically calculated and upon which the rate of such charge is indicated by means of figures.
(Ord. 10.  Passed 2-18-64; Ord. 2001-11.  Passed 6-5-01.)