All taxicabs shall have affixed thereto a taximeter and no person shall operate or permit to be operated any taxicab unless the taximeter has first been inspected, tested and approved by the Police Department and a certificate of inspection issued therefor, provided that a variance of three percent shall be considered correct. Fees as set forth in Section 210.10(k) of the Administration Code shall be paid to the City Treasurer at the time such inspection is made and before a certificate of inspection may be issued. No person shall operate or permit to be operated a taxicab equipped with a taximeter not having the case thereof sealed and the cover and gear intact. Every taximeter shall be so affixed that the amount of fare determined shall be plainly visible to the passengers thereof, and after sundown it shall be illuminated by a suitable light. Taximeters shall be examined at least once every year by the Police Department, and such Department shall keep a record of all such inspections and approvals or disapprovals made.
   No person having a taxicab under his or her control shall operate such taxicab or permit it to be operated for hire, after a passenger enters the taxicab, unless and until the  taximeter is engaged for recording the fare.
(Ord. 2001-11.  Passed 6-5-01.)