In the C-2 Downtown Commercial District, no premises shall be used and no building shall be erected or used for one of the following purposes unless approved by the Planning Commission pursuant to the procedures and guidelines outlined in Section 1148.03 through 1148.10
   (a)    Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to uses permitted in this District.
   (b)    Commercial, recreational, or amusement development for temporary, seasonal periods only.
   (c)    Community centers and senior centers.
   (d)    Day care and nursery school facilities.
   (e)    Display rooms for merchandise to be sold at wholesale, provided that merchandise stocks are stored elsewhere.
   (f)    Dwellings, apartments, above the first floor of commercial use.
   (g)    Food and grocery stores of five thousand square feet (5000 sq. ft.) or more (supermarkets).
   (h)    Museums.
   (i)    Pet store, supplies.
   (j)   Vehicle, trailer or boat sales or minor repair or service establishments, provided that no vehicle, trailer or boat shall be displayed or parked in a required yard setback; provided that outside display of vehicles, trailers and boats for sale shall be suitably screened or fenced, and provided that all inventory of parts, material, or damaged, dismantled or junked vehicles, trailers and boats are stored inside a building on the premises.
   (k)    Vehicle, trailer or boat temporary, daily, or overnight parking as a principal use on a parcel, provided that outside parking lots shall be suitably screened or fenced from view of the public right-of-way or adjacent residential properties.
   (l)   Other uses as are deemed compatible and harmonious with the authorized uses permitted in any district and which are determined not to be detrimental to the general welfare or safety of the community as a whole.
      (Ord. 21-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)