In the C-2 Downtown Commercial District, no premises shall be used and no building shall be erected or used except for one of the following purposes:
   (a)    Accessory antennas used by amateur radio operators holding a valid amateur radio (HAM) license issued by the FCC.
   (b)    Accessory dish antennas two meters or less in diameter or diagonal measurement.
   (c)    Accessory parking lots for temporary parking of automobiles associated with a commercial land use, provided the parking lot is screened or fenced from view from the public right-of-way or adjacent residential properties.
   (d)    Accessory retail sales offices or outlets associated with home repair and service shops or printing shops employing less than ten persons.
   (e)    Accessory television broadcast signal (TVBS) antenna, provided all yard setback and height requirements are met and the device is within the exclusive use of control of an antenna user where the user has a direct or indirect ownership interest in that property.
   (f)    Accessory value-added reseller (VAR) processing and manufacturing incidental to a retail business conducted on the premises and not objectionable because of smoke, odor, dust or noise.
   (g)    Amusement arcade not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB].
   (h)    Art Sales and Creation: artists' shops, artist galleries, handicrafts, art studios, art studios in residences, art sales, artists' lofts, art lessons, music conservatories, music lessons, art and music supply stores, stained glass stores and repair, furniture creation and sales, provided there is no objectionable smoke, gas, color, dust or noise and all operations are confined to the interior of the building or buildings with no outdoor storage of raw materials, manufactures items or waste products.
   (i)    Bakeries selling products at retail on the premises.
   (j)    Banks and Savings and Loan Associations with drive-through facilities not to exceed one lane.
   (k)    Banks and Savings and Loan Associations without drive-through facilities.
   (l)   Barber and beauty shops and similar personal service shops.
   (m)    Bars, taverns, cocktail lounges, nightclubs and similar places of amusement or entertainment.
   (n)    Bed and breakfast facilities.
   (o)    Bicycle rental, sales and repair shops.
   (p)    Catering service establishments.
   (q)    Places of public worship.
   (r)    Commercial uses in small-scale structures less than or equal to five thousand square feet (5000 sq. ft.) in gross floor area.
   (s)    Convenience food stores, carryouts, food lockers.
   (t)    Day-care, adult.
   (u)    Dressmaking, millinery, tailor and similar businesses employing not more than five persons.
   (v)    Food and grocery stores under five thousand square feet (5000 sq. ft.); grocery stores; meat and fish (seafood markets); fruit stores and vegetable markets; candy, nut and confectionery stores; dairy product stores; retail bakeries; delicatessens; liquor stores; and miscellaneous food stores.
   (w)    Fraternal organizations, lodges and clubs.
   (x)    Home repair and service contractor shops, including carpentry, electricians, HVAC, plumbing, painting, roofing, decorating and other similar shops, provided that the business is entirely within a completely enclosed building and there is not storage of supplies of equipment on the premises outside the building.
   (y)    Laundromat; Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Ironing Pickup Station.
   (z)    Offices and shared office facilities for administrative and professional services not involving retail sales to the general public or the maintenance of stock for sale to customers, including consulting, finance, and real estate offices.
   (aa)   Offices for medical, dental and out patient surgery centers and clinics.
   (bb)    Photography offices, supplies, galleries, and studios, not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB].
   (cc)   Photostating, printing, publishing.
   (dd)    Restaurants, cafes, and take-outs without drive-in or drive-through facilities or delivery services in excess of one delivery vehicle.
   (ee)    Retail sales, Apparel: men's and boy's clothing and furnishing stores; women's accessory and specialty stores; women's ready to wear stores; children's and infant's wear stores; family clothing stores; shoes stores; custom tailors; furriers and fur shops; and other similar retail stores not elsewhere classified, but not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB].
   (ff)    Retail sales, Boutique: antique and second-hand stores; art galleries; book and stationery stores; camera and photographic supply stores; cigar stores and stands; discount and variety stores; drug stores and proprietary stores; florists and flower sales; gift, novelty and souvenir shops, jewelry stores; news dealers and news stands; sporting goods stores; optical goods stores; video stores, and other similar retail stores not elsewhere classified, but not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB].
   (gg)    Retail sales, General Merchandise: department stores; computer sales; furniture; hardware; home furnishings; household appliance; mail order houses; radio, television and music stores; and other similar stores not elsewhere classified, but not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB]
   (hh)    Schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions of learning, adjacent dormitories, and adjacent play areas, recreational grounds or facilities.
   (ii)    Vehicle accessory part stores.
   (jj)    Veterinary clinics or animal hospitals with no outside kennels or open runways and where animals are not boarded unless required for observation for medical diagnosis or following surgery.
      (Ord. 21-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)