(a)   Monuments. All subdivision boundary corners and the four corners of all street intersections shall be definitely marked with permanent monuments. A permanent marker shall be deemed to be concrete six inches in diameter by thirty inches or six inches by six inches by thirty inches, with three-fourths of a foot iron pipe cast in the center. Should conditions prohibit the placing of monuments on line, off-set marking will be permitted, provided that exact off-set courses and distances are shown on the subdivision plat.
   One such monument shall be placed at each change in direction of the boundary, and one such monument shall also be placed on one side of the street at the beginning and end of each curve.
   (b)   Bench Marks.  A permanent bench mark shall be established in an accessible location. This may be a boundary monument if suitably marked and designated.
   (c)   Improvements. All streets and utilities shall be designed by a registered professional engineer.  In making the improvements referred to in this section within the City, the subdivider shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, shall furnish all supervision, labor and materials and shall construct the same in accordance with specifications and rules and regulations established by Council and subject to inspection approved by Council at the expense of the subdivider. Such specifications shall be the same as those required of contractors doing work with the City. 
(Ord. 385. Passed 9-6-61.)
   (d)   Streets.  Roadway surfacing shall be at least twenty-eight feet in width, including curb, provided that cul-de-sac streets shall terminate in a paved turn-around with an inside minimum radius of twenty feet.
   (e)   Curbs.  Curbs and gutters shall be constructed along all streets.
(Ord. 18-68. Passed 7-1-68.)
   (f)   Street Lights.  Provision shall be made for installing street lights on all streets.
(Ord. 385. Passed 9-6-61.)
   (g)   Wires and Cables.  In all new major subdivisions and where deemed practicable by the Municipal Administrator in new minor subdivisions, as defined in Section 1113.03 , and new line extensions not in subdivisions, all distribution wires and cables, including electrical distribution, street lighting and communications wires and cables shall be installed underground in accordance with standards and regulations promulgated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and by the public utility supplying such service which are not inconsistent with those promulgated by the Commission.
(Ord. 32-71. Passed 11-22-71.)
   (h)   Water Supplies. Where an approved public water supply is within reasonable access of the subdivision, water facilities shall be installed in accordance with all applicable requirements of the City.
   When a subdivision is located where no approved public water is reasonably accessible or procurable, the subdivider shall provide wells or a private water supply in such a manner that an adequate supply of potable water will be available to each lot in the subdivision.
   (i)   Sanitary Sewers. Where public sanitary sewers are within reasonable access of the subdivision, they shall be installed in accordance with all applicable requirements of the City.
   Where sanitary sewers are not within a reasonable distance of the subdivision, the subdivider shall install a sanitary sewer system and treatment plant acceptable to Council. Such treatment plant shall not be acceptable unless and until lot restrictions are placed on record whereby each lot owner consents to the assessment of such lot for the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement thereof and such covenants run with the land.
   (j)   Storm Drainage.  All necessary facilities, including underground pipes, inlets, catch basins and appurtenances shall be installed to provide for the adequate disposal of surface water and to maintain any natural drainage course.
   Existing drainage ditches located within a subdivision shall be realigned, widened, deepened, revetted, paved or replaced with an underground pipe as required for the adequate handling of storm run-off.
(Ord. 385. Passed 9-6-61.)
   (k)   Sidewalks.  Concrete sidewalks having a minimum width of four feet and conforming to construction specifications of the City shall be constructed along both sides of primary, secondary and minor streets.
(Ord. 18-68.  Passed 7-1-68.)
   (l)   Street Trees.
      (1)   Prior to approval of a Final Plat, the subdivider shall prepare a Street Tree Planting Plan for review and approval by the Tree Commission.  The subdivider is encouraged to confer with the Tree Commission prior to the preparation of such plan.
      (2)   Street trees adjacent to any frontage of a subdivision lot, except those trees designated in the approved Street Tree Planting Plan as the responsibility of the subdivider, will be planted in accordance with the regulations specified in Planning and Zoning Code Section 1147.03(f).
      (3)   Prior to approval of a Final Plat, the subdivider shall pay a fee as determined from time to time by Council for each street tree designated in the approved Street Tree Planting Plan as the responsibility of the subdivider.  The City will plant the trees contemplated by this section at an appropriate time considering weather conditions and nearby construction activities.  (Ord. 03-16.  Passed 2-22-16.)