1119.06  BLOCKS.
   (a)   The maximum length of blocks shall generally be 1,320 feet. Those of over 900 feet may require a crosswalkway at approximately the center.
   (b)   Where all or part of a subdivision is adjacent to or in the vicinity of a primary or secondary street the greater dimension of blocks shall be generally parallel to the primary or secondary streets to avoid unnecessary ingress and egress.
   (c)   A single tier of lots facing the minor street shall be the preferred practice where the proposed minor street is parallel to a major street. In other cases, the width of blocks shall generally be sufficient to allow two tiers of lots.
   (d)   Irregularly shaped blocks (including super-blocks), indented by cul-de-sacs and containing interior spaces, shall be encouraged when properly designed and fitted to the over- all plan and when adequate provision for the maintenance of public areas is allowed for.
   (e)   Blocks intended for business and industrial use shall be designed specifically for such purposes with adequate space set aside for off-street parking and delivery facilities.
(Ord. 385.  Passed 9-6-61.)