1119.02  STREETS.
   (a)   Streets shall conform to the Official Plan when and as adopted and shall be accessible to existing or proposed parks, schools or other open public grounds shown on the Official Plan.
   (b)   If a tentative or suggested plan or plat for the area has been made by the Planning Commission, the street layout shall be in general conformance thereto.
   (c)   Arrangement of streets in new subdivisions shall make provision for the continuation of the principal existing streets in adjoining areas (or their proper projection where adjoining land is not subdivided) insofar as they may be deemed necessary for public requirements.
   (d)   Streets that are obviously in alignment with others already existing and named shall bear the names of the existing streets.
   (e)   The street and alley arrangement shall be such as not to cause hardship to owners of adjoining property in platting such land and in providing for convenient access thereto, and shall further the development of a coherent neighborhood.
   (f)   Where railroads or undesirable conditions exist, provision of buffer strips or other protective treatment shall be required to the extent and of the type under the circumstances.
   (g)   Frontage on high volume trafficways shall be provided with parallel service streets or such other means of minimizing access as may be appropriate to the conditions.
   (h)   Residential streets shall be designed to discourage through traffic.
   (i)   The angle of intersection between minor streets and major streets shall not vary by more than ten degrees from a right angle. All other streets shall intersect each other as near to a right angle as possible and no intersection of streets at angles of less than sixty degrees shall be permitted.
   (j)   Dedication of half-streets shall not be accepted unless exceptional circumstances are found by the Planning Commission and Council to justify the same. Where there exists a dedicated or platted half-street or alley adjacent to the tract being subdivided, the other half shall be platted if deemed necessary by the Planning Commission or Council.
   (k)   The width of streets in new subdivisions shall be not less than the minimum widths established herein.
(Ord. 385.  Passed 9-6-61.)