Any sanitary sewer system customer completing the disconnection of a foundation drain from the sanitary sewer system as provided in this article shall be entitled to a financial assistance payment from the city not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) of actual costs incurred for said disconnection, which may also include the cost to install backflow prevention devices. Financial assistance shall be subject to compliance with the provisions of this article for an approved disconnection procedure. Such payment shall be subject to the submittal of invoices, vouchers and documentation clearly establishing the costs incurred. To qualify for the financial assistance, the approved disconnection procedure must be completed within three (3) years after the effective date for establishment of the district in which the property is located, and the sanitary sewer system customer must submit a written application for assistance in complete form to the city no later than thirty (30) days after the end of said three (3) year period. Approved disconnections made before the effective date for establishment of the district but after the date of adoption of the ordinance that identified the district will also be eligible for the financial assistance payment, provided that payment will not be made until after the effective date. Approved disconnections in district 1 made between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014, shall be eligible for the amount of the financial assistance payment stated above. In order to ease the city's administrative burden and to reduce program costs, the application for assistance shall include, on a form approved by the city building official, an assignment to the contractor of the applicant's right to receive the financial assistance payment, provided that said assignment shall not be mandatory for qualifying work done before January 1, 2015. Any work done after said three (3) year period for purposes of complying with the requirements of this article will not qualify for any financial assistance hereunder. The payment of financial assistance by the city under this section shall not be deemed to give rise to any liability on the part of the city for work performed by a contractor or any other person. (Ord. 5364, 8-22-2016)