A.   The approved disconnection procedure for a direct or indirect foundation drain connection to the sanitary sewer system for purposes of the financial assistance under this article must fully comply with the following and must conform to current standards adopted as administrative policy by the city building official:
      1.   Approved System: An approved system for the termination of foundation drain connections must be used. The approved system shall consist of a sump pump and sump pit with a discharge to an approved yard location or to an available storm sewer.
      2.   Licensed Contractor: All work for an approved disconnection procedure shall be performed by a master plumber or a residential building contractor duly licensed by the city. Work done by a residential building contractor under this article must remain within the scope of authorized work as defined by current standards adopted as administrative policy by the city building official.
      3.   Plugging Of Existing Connection: Any direct or indirect connection between the foundation drain and the sanitary sewer system serving the building shall be permanently plugged.
      4.   Floor Drain Connection Prohibited: The new system shall be installed in such a manner that direct or indirect flow from the foundation drain to a floor drain shall not be possible.
      5.   Postconstruction Inspection: The installation of the sump pump and associated facilities work shall be inspected by the city. The sanitary sewer customer shall be responsible to schedule the postconstruction inspection. (Ord. 5248, 10-27-2014)