Upon reasonable advance notice, the city may conduct periodic inspections of properties to confirm there are no direct or indirect connections of the foundation drain to the sanitary sewer system. If during an inspection the city determines there is a direct or indirect connection as a result of a modification of the system to allow for a direct or indirect connection, failure to maintain or replace a failed sump pump that would allow an indirect or direct connection to the sanitary sewer system, or such other cause as may allow a direct or indirect connection, the city shall issue a written notice to the property owner. The property owner shall have thirty (30) days to cure the defect and to arrange for a reinspection by the city. If at the end of such period the direct or indirect connection has not been inspected and determined to have been terminated in accordance with section 8-3F-6 of this article, the property shall be subject to the extraneous flow fee provisions of section 8-3F-9 of this article. The payment shall continue until such time as the city determines through inspection the direct or indirect foundation drain connection no longer exists. (Ord. 5248, 10-27-2014)