The owner of any vacant building or structure shall secure and maintain the building in accordance with all of the following requirements:
   (A)   All broken windows, broken or unsecured doors, openings, or holes in the structure shall be covered with a covering tightly fitted to the exterior of the opening; and
   (B)   The covering shall be attached with appropriate length galvanized bolts or two-inch galvanized screws; and shall be compatible with the exterior of the structure; and
   (C)   The roof and flashing shall be sound, tight, and not have defects that admit water. Roof drainage shall be adequate to prevent dampness or deterioration in the walls or interior portion of the structure. The use of sheets of plastic or tarpaulins or similar materials does not satisfy the requirements of this paragraph;
   (D)   All graffiti shall be removed; and
   (E)   The vacant building or structure and premise shall be maintained in compliance with the following City of Wadsworth Codified Ordinances;
      (1)   Chapter 53 Sewers as it relates to waste disposal § 53.17; and
      (2)   Chapter 93, the Nuisance Code as it relates to interior and exterior sanitation, litter, refuse, high grass and weed requirements, and property maintenance §§ 93.04, 93.06, 93.07, 93.08, 93.09, 93.26, 93.41, 93.45, and 93.50; and
      (3)   Chapter 97 Streets and Sidewalks as it relates to maintenance of sidewalks §§ 97.02 and 97.31; and
      (4)   Chapter 150 Building Regulations as it relates to grading and drainage § 150.011; and § R115 of the Residential Code of Ohio as it relates to existing buildings; and
      (5)   Chapter 152 Property Maintenance Code.
(Ord. 11-015, passed 5-4-11; Am. Ord. 17-115, passed 11-8-17)