(A)   All surface drainage shall be conducted to a storm sewer or storm drain ditch by gravity flow or as prescribed in subsections (A)(1), (2) or (3) herein. All storm sewers and storm drain ditches shall be capable of carrying all surface run-off during a two-year frequency storm, as determined by the City Engineer. The City Engineer or the Building Official shall inspect all new construction or alterations to determine whether the existing, proposed, or altered grading and storm water collection system complies with the requirements of this section. If, in the opinion of the City Engineer, the grading or storm water collection system is likely to create a nuisance to adjoining property owners by reason of unnatural drainage onto their lands, the City Engineers or Building Official shall notify the owner, contractor or agent of the property to make provisions to conduct the surface and/or roof drainage system to the storm sewer or storm drain ditch by one or a combination of the following methods:
      (1)   By providing the proper downspouts and eaves or cornice gutters on all buildings, including garages, and connecting or directing the same into the storm sewer, storm drain ditch or underground leaching system as provided in subsections (2) or (3) hereof.
      (2)   By constructing a yard catch basin and by so sloping the yard and driveway as to drain into such catch basin. The catch basin shall be located not less than ten feet from any subsurface leaching system, be properly trapped and drained into the storm sewer or storm drain ditch.
      (3)   By constructing an underground wet well of a size and capacity as determined by the City Engineer to be adequate to handle the storm water run-off to be directed into the same.
   (B)   No drain originating that is part of a plumbing system shall discharged into any storm sewer, street, highway, storm drain ditch, stream, body of water or onto the surface of the ground. No downspouts, catch basins and surface water inlets, yard drains, cistern overflows, subsoil and foundation drains shall be permitted to discharge into the sanitary sewer or sewage system.
(Ord. 07-106, passed 10-3-07)