(A)   Approval of Engineer. No person shall construct, rebuild or repair any sidewalk, curb or gutter without first obtaining a permit for such work from the City Engineer, without charge. 
('65 Code, § 903.07)  (Ord. 106-71, passed 10-5-71)
   (B)   Line and grade. The City Engineer shall set the line and grade of any sidewalk, curb or gutter without charge. 
('65 Code, § 903.08)
   (C)   Inspections. Before concrete is placed in forms, the City Engineer or his agent shall make an inspection of the work which shall be done to his satisfaction. 
('65 Code, § 903.09)
   (D)   Order for repair and replacement. Whenever the Director of Public Service determines that a public sidewalk or curb is defective or dangerous to pedestrian traffic, the Director shall notify, in writing, the owner of the property abutting upon such sidewalk or curb, of such defective or dangerous conditions and order the owner to repair or replace such sidewalk or curb, within a period of time not to exceed 90 days. In the event the owner fails or refuses to replace or repair such sidewalk or curb as ordered by the Director, such fact shall be reported to Council. 
('65 Code, § 903.10)  (Ord. 74-73, passed 6-5-73)