Fire Department
   31A.01   Establishment
   31A.02   Mission statement
Paid Members of the Fire Department
   31A.15   Qualifications
   31A.16   Officers
   31A.17   Duties of Township Fire and Emergency Services Director
   31A.18   Duties of other officers
   31A.19   Appointment of firefighters and EMS providers
   31A.20   Continuance of service
   31A.21   Priority of eligibility for initial appointment
   31A.22   Residency requirement for paid members
   31A.23   Age requirement for paid members
   31A.24   Promotions of paid members
   31A.25   Probationary period
   31A.26   Disciplinary action
   31A.27   Hours of duties of paid members
   31A.28   Compensation
Volunteer Members of the Fire Department
   31A.40   Officers
   31A.41   Members
   31A.42   Continuance of service
   31A.43   Qualifications
   31A.44   Membership application; approval
   31A.45   Membership roll; identification
   31A.46   Probationary period
   31A.47   Disciplinary action
   31A.48   Charges involving moral turpitude, neglect of duty or insubordination; appeals
   31A.49   Monthly stipend
   31A.50   Construal of payments
   31A.51   Yearly clothing allowance
   31A.52   LOSAP
   31A.53   Life insurance policy
   31A.54   Verification of attendance
   31A.55   Execution of waivers
General Provisions Applicable to Paid and Volunteer Members
   31A.70   Oath of office
   31A.71   Powers and duties
   31A.72   Alarms