Chapter 10.16
10.16.010   Application of regulations.
10.16.020   Stopping or standing in parkways prohibited.
10.16.030   City manager to maintain no stopping zones and no parking areas.
10.16.040   No parking areas.
10.16.050   Use of streets for storage of vehicles prohibited.
10.16.060   Parking for demonstration.
10.16.070   Repairing or greasing vehicles on public streets.
10.16.080   Washing or polishing vehicles.
10.16.090   Parking adjacent to schools.
10.16.100   Parking prohibited on narrow streets.
10.16.110   Unlawful parking--Peddlers, vendors.
10.16.120   Emergency parking signs.
10.16.130   Twenty minute parking.
10.16.140   One hour, two hour and four hour parking.
10.16.145   Downtown parking permits.
10.16.150   Parking parallel on one-way street.
10.16.160   Diagonal parking.
10.16.170   Parking space markings.
10.16.180   No stopping zone.
10.16.190   All night parking prohibited.
10.16.200   Parking on city property.
10.16.210   Parking commercial vehicles in residential district.
10.16.220   Movement of parked vehicle in central business district.
10.16.230   Handicapped parking.
10.16.240   Authority to establish loading zones.
10.16.250   Curb markings to indicate no stopping and parking regulations.
10.16.260   Effect of permission to load or unload.
10.16.270   Standing for loading or unloading only.
10.16.280   Standing in passenger loading zone.
10.16.290   Standing in any alley.
10.16.300   Bus zones.
10.16.310   Bicycle parking zones.
10.16.320   Funeral zones.
10.16.330   Taxicab stands.
10.16.340   Special passenger loading zones.