10.16.300   Bus zones.
   A.   The city manager or his designee, with the concurrence of the city engineer, is authorized to establish bus zones for the loading and unloading of passengers and to determine the location thereof and the time such zones shall be restricted to the use of buses, subject to the directives and limitations set forth herein.
   B.   Bus zones shall normally be established on the far side of an intersection. 
   C.   The normal length of any bus zone shall be determined as follows:
   1.   Eighty (80) feet when the zone is located at the far side of any intersection;
   2.   One hundred (100) feet when the zone is located at the  near side of an intersection, or at any location where the bus turns at an intersection immediately prior to entering the bus zone;
   3.   One hundred fifty (150) feet when the city engineer determines that the length of the bus zone, as stated in subsection (C)(1) or (C)(2) of this section, is insufficient for safe or efficient operation of the bus; provided, that such length minimums may be revised by the city engineer when a zone is constructed off the standard street right-of-way.
   D.   The bus zone shall be designated by a red curb marking stenciled with the words “BUS ZONE,” or by posting signs containing the same words.
   E.   No person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle, except a transit bus, in a bus zone during times as may be specified on such sign or marking.
   F.   If any development occurring to or upon any real property adjacent or contiguous to the public right-of-way upon which a bus zone and/or a bus bench is located requires the temporary relocation of an existing bus zone and/or bus bench, then the owner of said real property, or his contractor, or both, whose actions are, in whole or in part, responsible for the relocation of any such bus zone and/or bus bench, shall be individually and collectively responsible for all costs incurred in providing any such temporary relocation and for the reinstallment of the bus zone and/or bus bench to a permanent location. (Prior code § 3011(g))